Staffing Companies: Still Don’t Have A Mobile Website? Google Is Putting You On Notice

The Cat Story

Let’s say you are me. Let’s say you are me checking Facebook on my phone and a story about fat, stupid cats shows up as a link from a company’s website. Let’s say I click on that link and I am taken to the company’s mobile home page where there is no story whatsoever about fat, stupid cats nor any way to get to that story.

Now let’s say those fat, stupid cats are actually jobs – or a jobs page. Your staffing company has just lost a potential candidate because she can’t follow a facebook link to your jobs on her phone.

That’s a problem and not just because you’ve lost a potential candidate but because you have just angered Google. And when you anger Google, Google will soon penalize you. In other words: if you upset Google, no one will find you on Google.


The Problem
Google announced this week (quietly – but we caught it! Lucky for you!) they are going to “roll out several ranking changes in the near future” in regards to mobile devices and went on to say “smartphone users are a significant and fast growing segment”. Basically, Google wants your mobile website to you know…work.. because everyone and their cat has a smartphone now. And if it doesn’t work the way Google wants it to work, then your company’s SEO ranking is going down the intertubes.

The Solution
So what can your staffing company do? Well first, here’s what you can’t do:

  • Faulty Redirects
  • We covered this in the cat story. Yay! Read the cat story again!

  • Broken Video
  • If you are still somehow using Flash please stop using Flash.. It breaks everything. It’s very important you make sure your video works everywhere – mobile, desktop, tablet. It’s that simple.

    (and this last one is directly from the Google’s mouth)

  • Sloooooowwwwww Page Speed
  • Optimizing a page’s loading time on smartphones is particularly important given the characteristics of mobile data networks smartphones are connected to.

    and so many more things .

    It’s a bit overwhelming – we know – but we can help! Staffing Robot knows Mobile Websites and will make sure your staffing company’s mobile site is optimized. Contact us for help with Mobile and/or SEO and Social Media Marketing.

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