Don’t Neglect Pinterest For Video Content Marketing


Pinterest is now the 4th largest traffic source in the world so even if it doesn’t seem like the idea of pinning links and pics (and VIDEOS) to what amounts to a virtual mood board is worth your time – believe me, it is.

For example! I have an example…for example! (I have been drinking a lot of Diet Coke today, sorry) Anyway, example!

Look at what Salesforce is doing with their Pinterest boards:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 9.25.15 AM

Salesforce is celebrating its own customers on Pinterest through client success story videos linked from the Salesforce Youtube channel. Youtube and Pinterest are both visual social media platforms so linking between the two accounts makes perfect sense. Video is not only an engaging medium but it may be just the thing you need to drum up interest in your blog. How? Embed the video you have pinned to your board into one of your blog posts. A potential client will most likely want more context on the video and this is a great way to provide that for them while driving traffic to your site. Win/win.

And need I tell you AGAIN how much the Googles love video? The Googles LOVEEEEE video. The more video content your staffing company creates – the higher your google ranking. You do want to show up first when someone googles “nurse jobs” right? So get to pinning – specifically, get to pinning those videos. Google will hug you (metaphorically).

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