Staffing Robot Loves Ruby Receptionists


Whether you’re a large corporation or a small start-up there’s not always a need for a front desk person or office manager because:

    1. You might not have a front desk (we have a front couch and a front bar)


    2. The managing of the office is still pretty collaborative (for instance, we all take turns doing the dishes and when we don’t Jason makes us stand in a corner and think about our choices).


    3. You’d like to save money because…money.

For many companies, the need for a receptionist is limited mostly to someone who relays phone messages – preferably someone with excellent customer service skills.

This is where Ruby Receptionists comes in! Ruby Receptionists is a virtual receptionist service but with real live persons answering the calls. From their website:

Ruby is the smart and cheerful team of virtual receptionists trained to make a difference in your day. From our offices in Portland, Oregon, we handle your calls with care. We deliver the perfect mix of friendliness, charm, can-do attitude, and professionalism. Best of all, your callers will think we work in your office.

Ruby is awesome. We couldn’t do what we do without them. When a potential client calls the Staffing Robot phone number an intelligent, super competent, friendly voice answers the phone and relays the call or message to us! No need for a front desk person or a multiline in office phone system or a myriad of other things that cut into the Staffing Robot bottom line (even the most expensive Ruby plan is a third the cost of hiring a receptionist). And I don’t know about you but I prefer to keep that bottom line healthy for parties and lunches and health insurance and you know…being employed.

And Ruby is so flexible! Wherever you are on the spectrum of receptionist needs Ruby Receptionists has got you covered.

Office culture is changing. Innovative companies like Ruby Receptionists are the future of how we office.

Aaaaannnd now that I’ve used “office” as a verb I think I’d better go lie down on our front couch and think about my choices.

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