Our First ‘This Staffing Life’ Featured Company is…

*drum roll*

PPR Healthcare for their adorable Harlem Shake video they made on Bring Your Kids To Work Day!

Congrats PPR! Your Harlem Shaking was not for naught. Expect a very special package in the mail soon from your friends at Staffing Robot! We <3 you. And your dancing kids. Especially your dancing kids.

PPR Healthcare Harlem Shake

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2 thoughts on “Our First ‘This Staffing Life’ Featured Company is…

  1. I’m firmly against staffing companies doing Harlem Shake remakes at this point…….with the exception of when they do it for the kids!!

    Kudos to PPR Healthcare for participating in Bring Your Child to Work Day and DOUBLE Kudos (almost as good as double rainbows in the internet world) for making it fun for the kiddos!

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