Meet Staffing Robot’s Newest Developer – Joe Snell!

How did you get your start in web development?
I’ve been playing in the web space for some time, but in 2011 I made the choice to pivot and pursue my passion for the web as a full time career. To sharpen my ‘blade,’ I took some classes at Portland State University, worked on my portfolio, and stretched my abilities. That all lead me here. I’m thrilled to be a member of the the team at Staffing Robot!

What is your favorite thing about working here (besides my jokes)?
Uhh… the whiskey hour… of course! No wait. Heh.

To be able to focus entirely on what I love to do, build stuff for the web, is pretty darn awesome. That being said, I’m excited to get to work everyday because of the team, process and environment established by the folks here. I feel privileged to have this opportunity.

Tell me about your role here at Staffing Robot
As a front-end developer here at SR, I’m constructing and enhancing digital assets for our clients, primarily websites. It’s exciting because the team here is focused on creating quality products for our clients, staying up to date with the latest development enhancements, and working together to make it all happen.

Favorite robot ever!Go!
Ash from Alien. Great movie. Great, although devious, robot. His demise is epic.

Best restaurant in Portland?
I’d have to say Porque No? on Mississippi. Main reason I love it is because my girls love it (especially when it’s followed by a little ice cream at Ruby Jewel).

Favorite Game of Thrones character?
That’s a tough one! So many good characters! How about Tyrion Lannister? He’s quite the complex character with great wit. He a character torn in many directions and watching the choices he makes when his influences collide is fun. Although deviant, feels the responsibility of protecting/enhancing the Lannister family, and would love nothing more than to be appreciated by his hyper self-righteous father, there seems to be a natural goodness about him that surfaces from time to time.

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