Facebook Likes: What Do They Mean For Your Staffing Company?

So you’ve made a Facebook page for your brand. You’ve created some photo albums, “liked” similar brands, relevant companies, thought leaders, journals, etc to add to your interactive timeline and now you’re sitting back twiddling your thumbs thinking “Wh…where…where are our likes? Why don’t people like us? And what happens when they do? Will we be bajillionaires?”

Let me help you clear a few things up about Facespace likez.

First from Mashable:

Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled a new metric for evaluating advertising campaigns on Facebook, called “cost per action” (CPA). Recently, social media marketing agency Syncapse and research firm Hotspex conducted a study attempting to assess the average value of a fan based on collective product spending, brand loyalty, propensity to recommend, media value, cost of acquisition and brand affinity. According to their calculations, a fan is worth an average of $174 to a company. But as the chart below shows, the value of a fan can differ widely across companies:


Looking at this graph makes it clear marketers should measure the spending habits of fans versus non-fans and even more importantly…influential fans – or their reach to be specific. These are people who may not contibute to your bottom line immediately but if they are thought leaders and they share your info on a consistent basis, you’ve just increased your brand recognition exponentially. One facebook like from an “influencer” is worth 100 likes by non-influencers. Science!

There are many more ways to increase your likes including spending money on ads, etc but I’m convinced the tried and true method of gaining popularity, recognition and differentiating yourself from your competitors is reaching those influential facebook users who will share your content.

The takeaway? Keep facebooking with humor, with a difference and with an eye towards targeting influencers in your market. It’s worth it in the long run.

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