Are Recruiting Firms A Bad Idea?

In a recent post written by Neil Patel for Quicksprout, he states “In most cases recruiting firms don’t have the best candidates. Why you may ask? It’s because talented people don’t need recruiters to help them find a job.”

That’s a pretty loaded statement.

Patel then goes on to say…

If someone is really good at what they do, they’ll constantly be bombarded with job offers.

Recruiting Firms are not the temp agencies of yore. Patel needs to update his information. I’m not sure what economy Patel is working in but it’s certainly not the one we’re living through now. No one is “bombarded” with job offers nowadays and the future is uncertain for everyone. To say differently smacks of a concerning lack of empathy. Perhaps Patel was only being careless with his words or deliberately provocative for page views. Who knows. Either way he’s wrong.

Recruiting firms (the good ones – do I even need to say that?) not only separate the wheat from the chaff but they support a candidate throughout their career with the staffing firm. This creates a symbiotic relationship between candidates and client. I recognize this isn’t true for ALL staffing companies just as everything isn’t true about everything (Starbucks isn’t Stumptown, the W isn’t Travelodge etcetera) but when you make a blanket statement you set yourself up for some criticism.

What do you think? Is Patel right? Do qualified candidates have jobs shoved in their face like samples at a food court mall? Let us know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Are Recruiting Firms A Bad Idea?

  1. I believe Neil Patel is incorrect. To make the statement that candidates or our clients do not need a good staffing firm says to me that the he may not have a good understanding of staffing. This past month, I filled two software engineering positions with two candidates that were not in an active job search. The candidates were not on any job boards. They were found through cold calling and presenting the company’s opportunity to them. Sure, they may have been bombarded by calls about jobs across the country and even locally, but they chose to pursue these opportunities. They did not reply to the hiring company’s job postings on LinkedIn, Dice, Twitter, etc. They were found through networking. Sharing vital information to make employment connections is only one part of what we did for our client and these candidates.

    • Thanks for the comment Amber. I completely agree. At the last ASA conference, the new President Bob Livonius made a great comment. He said, “staffing companies help people get better jobs than they can get on their own.” I thought it summed up the true mission of any good staffing company. Comments like the one Neil Patel made here simply serve to perpetuate an unfounded, negative stereotype of staffing/recruiting firms.

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