What is the Impact of Bad Customer Service?

While we talk a lot about how much we love robots here at Staffing Robot – all of my co-workers are in fact human. Sigh. That being said we all do everything humanly possible here to make our clients happy (even the design and development team although we don’t let them out of their cages much). We pride ourselves on being personable, understanding and concerned with your (the clients) needs. That’s why when you email us, most likely at the footer of the email you will see this:

How did I do?      HappySatisfiedUnhappy

Click on a face to provide anonymous feedback on my performance!

Get Hively for your team!

What you’re looking at is our Customer Satisfaction app called Hively. Want to know how your team is doing when interacting with customers? Sign up! Customers can instantly let you know if their experience was a good one via feedback, your employees can earn points for good customer service, and you can reward individuals, or your team as a whole, when they’ve had high scores.

Below is a smart info-graphic depicting just how important customer service is. Spoiler alert, people are more likely to spread word of bad service than good, so be nice! Source via Zendesk.

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