This Staffing Life – Our New Tumblr About Staffing Office Culture!

I consider myself  lucky. I work in an office which encourages individuality, autonomy, lots and lots of really funny jokes (mine anyway) and flexibility/empathy in regards to life > work. Finding a perfect job fit isn’t just about skill sets anymore – it’s about the place you go to every day being  somewhere you actually like. We spend more time at work than at home so it’s pretty important we feel good there – if we don’t, it leads to someone taking a sad, angry bus ride home while carrying a cardboard box full of desk stuff . No one wants that.

At Staffing Robot we believe in promoting great office environments, so we took a trip to the internet store and got ourselves a brand new tumblr to which we will be posting everything awesome/cool/funny/frustrating about staffing industry culture. Ta Da!

We call it  “This Staffing Life”  and besides entertaining you with our mad tumblr skillz we will be showcasing one staffing company per month we think is doing internal culture right. And we will give them a prize! We don’t know what kind of prize yet!  It will be neat! You will like it! This is tumblr so we’re kind of keeping it casual despite my overuse of exclamation points there.

So! Do you have an awesome company culture? Of course you do! Well we want to hear/see/feel feels about it. Send pics, vines, videos, vimeos, links, instagrams, tweets, facebook posts, cats, cake – whatever best exemplifies what makes your workplace special to you. There are so many different ways for you to do this – I will list them for your convenience.

1. Email me at

2. use our hashtag  #thisstaffinglife on  Instagram Pinterest or Vine (I’ll see it! Promise!)

3. post to our Facebook wall

4. Submit directly to our Tumblr here

5. The good ol’ Staffing Robot contact form


Oh! And we already have an awesome staffing company profile post up on This Staffing Life. It’s totally about beer, of course.


And that’s it! I’m exhausted from all this enthusiasm.







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