Showcasing Innovation and Approachability with Prophecy Healthcare’s New Website

We work with companies in the staffing industry of all types and sizes, all across the country. That doesn’t mean we just work with staffing companies. We work with any company that participates in the staffing industry, in any capacity. Prophecy Healthcare is a great example.

I’m really excited to talk about our most recent project with Prophecy Healthcare. Why? Three reasons.

1- I met Ron Gonzales over a decade ago (we’re super old) standing next to him in our booths at the Executive Summit. He had just started Nurse Testing (now Prophecy) and I had recently started ShiftWise. We’ve been friends and had business partnerships ever since. To be able to work with him and his team in this capacity all these years later was a pleasure.

2- Prophecy healthcare is one of the most innovative companies in the staffing industry. Their products and services have had an incredibly positive impact on the day to day lives of hospital and staffing company employees nationwide.

3- Prophecy trusted us, and let us be both innovative and creative. It’s in this capacity we do our best work. They presented their challenges and goals to us, and we got to work achieving them.

So, about the project.
We made a slight update to Prophecy’s brand. Prophecy wasn’t looking for a radical change, just a bit of a change. Kind of like when you don’t want your haircut – just a different color (no idea why I’m using a hair analogy). So that’s what we did – gave them some new color, not a cut.



We simply updated their color palette and applied the new palette to their overall brand and look. You’ll see it throughout the website and even in things like their new trade show booth.

We had several primary goals for Prophecy’s new site:

  • Keep all of their pages, posts and content in order to retain their SEO and informative value, while also streamlining and simplifying the site in order to increase conversions.
  • Promote the value of their products and services.
  • Promote their new brand (they recently changed their company name)
  • Highlight their innovation and also their approachable, “fun” internal spirit they apply to everything.

How did we achieve these goals?

We can explain most of them by looking at the home page:

The first thing we did was focus on the persona of a new visitor. Most visitors to a website are first time visitors that Prophecy of course wants to convert into customers. Therefore, we displayed only simple and relevant information to these types of visitors, in an effort to make the site feel simple and concise. At first glance the site appears to only be about 5 pages (there are actually hundreds of pages on this site).

We also dedicated some clear, prominent space for their new logo and company name, and permeated the colors of the logo throughout the site in order to really promote their new brand.

Next, we put their customers front and center. Instead of having Prophecy talk about how awesome they are, we had their customers do it! Now, when prospective customers land on their site they see their colleagues talking about the true value of Prophecy.

Finally, we made multiple, quick opportunities for contact. What’s the one thing you want a potential customer to do? Contact you quickly, and easily. The form is also integrated directly into to ensure proper lead generation management.

From there we focused on the personas of return visitors, and visitors looking to dive deeper into Prophecy’s content. Instead of a traditional navigation full of dropdown options that force users to search for and guess about content, users can now view all content related to a particular topic in one location. By clicking the ‘Learn More’ Call To Action on the home page, users are auto scrolled to a new section where they can choose to view content based on the category they select. Fancy!


There a couple of other great features we built on this site we’re stoked about.

Dynamic CTA options.
Prophecy has the ability to create custom Calls To Action (CTA) with any message of their choosing and put it on any page they like. This let’s them A/B test different messages or drive traffic to specific pages and track the results. *BOOM!*

My very favorite feature though? More custom CTA options!
Who doesn’t like unlimited CTAs? :-) A big challenge Prophecy gave us was the need to create small, image based CTAs within page content that they could change on their own. On their original site they were using heavy weight images, created from scratch by a graphic designer every time they wanted a new CTA. This solution was expensive and time consuming. It also added a lot of ‘weight’ to the site with all the images, creating a negative impact on their SEO.

Our solution? Custom, icon based, dynamically sized CTAs they could create on the fly! In English – we gave Prophecy the ability to create circles of various sizes, containing text, images and links. And it’s all code based! That’s right, these CTAs are 100% code. The look is being done wiht some fancy CSS and the images are actually a font icon library. SUPA FANCY!


Oh yes – forgot to mention – their new site is mobile too!

We created a super simple and clean mobile site based on presenting simple, relevant info and features to users in a mobile environment. The pages change color each time they load, matching their brand – just for fun.


But really, who cares what we think. What does Prophecy think about their new site?

We couldn’t be more pleased with the new look and capabilities Staffing Robot created for us on our new website and mobile website. They exceeded our expectations in terms of creativity and more importantly, helped position our brand for a simpler presentation of our products and services.

– Ronald Gonzalez | Founder & CEO, Prophecy Healthcare, Inc

Once again we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing company. We’re honored to be a partner to Prophecy Healthcare and excited to see what great things come from them in the upcoming years.

You all know what time it is now. It’s time to put out the call again. Innovative clients wanted. Who’s next?


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