An Interview With Staffing Robot’s New Salesperson!

Staffing Robot is growing!

We’re incredibly grateful for all the new opportunities we’ve been getting to work with so many amazing staffing companies across the country and this has led to a need on our part for someone outgoing, vivacious, whip smart and super fun to tackle the recent increase in business – in other words, Marissa!

Tell me about your new role here at Staffing Robot!
I’m the lone sales person here (with the exception of Jason that is). We’re growing so fast and he couldn’t handle all the new biz so that’s where I came in!

What is it like working right next to me?
It’s very entertaining. I get constant news feeds, cat feeds and you tell me when it’s time to take happy hour. It’s pretty great.

How long have you lived in Portland? What’s your sales background like?
I’ve been here 3 years in August and loved every second of it. My sales background started with me selling sweaters at the Gap for a Christmas gig when I was 16. From there I had many, many different retail jobs. After college I was an assistant to an amazing salesperson in commercial real estate. I learned a lot from him on how to make and keep relationships with clients. After that I sold ads at a small local Magazine in Danville, CA before moving to Portland. I was hired at The Portland Mercury to sell advertising after a three month internship and now I’m here at Staffing Robot. I couldn’t be more excited about it!

What do you like best about working here?
You. Well, not JUST you. Everyone that works here is great, the designers are all fun to talk to about music and joke around with, Jason is a great mentor/boss/CEO and Ross is fun to play pranks on.

You’re very fashionable. What kind of shoes should I be wearing on a regular basis?
Well, I’ve always thought you had a good grasp on cute shoes but the shoes I wear most often are my black “zip code” boot by Madewell. Although, the office gets mad at me when I wear them because they’re loud when I walk on our hardwood floor.

Why are you so much fun?
Because… booze – JOKES! No, I think it’s because my family liked to goof around. My Dad was always making jokes, my brother is the funniest person I know and my Mom always laughed at my jokes so it encouraged me to keep cracking them.

Who or what is your favorite robot?
I’m a big fan of the roomba…there’s photographic proof of it on our This Staffing Life Blog.
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