Is Your Mobile Website iWatch Compatible?

Because it might have to be. According to the watchdogs (see what I did there) over at Mashable and The Verge the iWatch is a foregone conclusion.  So what does that mean for you and your site? It means if you don’t have a mobile website ready to go you need to get on it because mobile isn’t going anywhere soon.

Mashable says

Last month, the New York Times reported that Apple was working on making a wristwatch and iOS companion out of curved glass. A few weeks later, patents for a “wearable accessory device” surfaced, proving that Apple is at least tacitly interested in the wearable space.

It’s bad enough (or awesome enough depending on how you feel about the internet) I’m always on my phone – playing games, tweeting, pinning cat pictures, texting – imagine what the world will be like when we have the internet on our wrists? And before you scoff and say “Oh I’d never buy that” or “The screen will be so small” remember the same has been said of every generation of technology….ever. I thought the name “iPad” was dumb too and couldn’t imagine why I’d want one when I already had a phone and a laptop but here we are with me droooling over iPad minis and mourning my stolen iPad every day.  See? The iPad is so coveted even petty thieves want it! I’m still really upset at being burgled. I digress.

Anyway, if Apple does roll out a smart watch which runs off of iOS then potential hires will be browsing the internets while checking the time and this means your website had better be ready. And by ready I don’t mean a native app that probably won’t work within new parameters (especially since whatever Apple makes you can bet Google will make too). I mean a site built specifically for mobile. From the ground up.

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