Introducing popBot!

What is popBot?

Simply put, popBot lets you collect feedback, survey responses, email sign ups or respond quickly to customers/candidates in need of assistance, from any page on your website. And it’s easy! Type in the question you want to ask, select the appropriate response format and choose the page on which you’d like to see your popBot displayed. Boom! You’re in popBot business.

What else can popBot do?

  • Quick A/B testing of messages, offers and calls to action. Easily test alternative messages on different pages throughout your site and track the results.
  • Get feedback on messaging, offers, pricing, content, etc.
  • Increase candidate application and customer acquisition leads
  • Improve conversions on downloadable materials.
  • Respond quickly to customers and candidates that have questions, want more information or need assistance.
For example!
  • Need a lead generator? popBot!
  • Want more Facebook likes? popbot!
  • Looking to add quick contact forms (who isn’t)? popBot!
  • How about some support? Clients have questions! POPBOT.
  • Want feedback on information, posts or surveys? popppppppbotttttt
  • Free hugs? popBot

 Fun facts about popBot!

  1. popBot can see the future
  2. popBot is vegan friendly
  3. popBot has 7 toes on its right foot
  4. popBot smells nice
  5. popBot gets results

Well what are you waiting for? Contact Staffing Robot now to find out more about popBot! Or fill out the uh…yeah…the popBot in the right hand corner of your screen now.




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