Don’t Make These Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing sounds easy doesn’t it? And boring. It sounds boring. But in reality, it’s neither – not if you’re doing it right. You’ve got to have an easy to adjust template (stop working so hard is what I’m saying), a compelling message, and a robust, accurate client email list. But you know these things already so what don’t you know?  I’ll tell you!

  • Not having permission

This will alienate the recipient and could potentially leave you open for legal liability. Also it’s just rude. So set up a reminder in your email service to ask if you have permission to add each address before putting them in your contacts list.

  • Blasting  contacts instead of creating  relationships

Think of your email marketing the same way you think about social media. It’s a conversation – not junk mail or spam. You’re not shouting at people – you’re asking them to read something and let you know what they thought of it (be it in the form of conversions or replies or forwards). It’s all a two way dialogue.

  • Assuming people remember who you are

I don’t remember who I am on the best of days so why would I remember who you are and why I’m getting an email from you? If you’ve let your contact list sit  mouldering for 6 months or longer you need to send a remember me email to re-gain permission and re-establish your relationship. 

  • Bad writing (poor writing? both)

Check yo’ grammar. Check yo’ spelling. Check yo’ self .  (Don’t write like that unless you can pull it off – like me) But also you shouldn’t sound like you’re selling tickets to a monster truck rally. Or as if you’re selling anything really – even if you are.

  • Sending with a personal reply-to address

Always have your business email as your contact email. Always.

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