5 Tips To Attract New Clients On Linkedin

I talk a lot about the importance of utilizing social media to attract clients – mostly in terms of Twitter and Facebook. However, I also think most people overlook Linkedin as a means to lure in business. We all have a Linkedin profile (obviously- we’re not new to the internet) but are we using that profile to our best advantage? Probably not. Most of us are content with completing our profile and adding contacts as if that’s all we need to do to be successful. It’s not.

Here are 5 things you can do with Linkedin to actually be successful. Like for reals. Like buy a yacht and hang out with Jay Z successful. Maybe not that successful.

1. Keep your branding consistent:
In other words, whatever you are doing on Twitter and Facebook? Keep doing that on Linked In. If you have more than one person running your social media profiles make sure they are all sending the same brand message. You can tweak it a bit for each platform (more playful for Twitter, more words for Facebook, more business-y for Linkedin) but in general it’s safest and less confusing for everyone to keep the same tone across the board.

2. Link, link, link
Omg link your company name, your name, your twitter, your email sign up page, your facebook, your tumblr, your cat’s tumblr (as long as your cat is on message). Link yo self.

3. Use Box.
Or some sort of file sharing service, anyway. Box allows users to upload PDF, Excel or Word files to their profile so others can view it. Post white papers, articles, company brochures, pictures of your projects or products, customer testimonials, documents etc. It integrates with mobile devices too which is important. Mobile is important. Duh.

4. Status Updates
You update everyday on Twitter and Facebook, don’t you? You should do the same with Linkedin and then you need to respond to anyone who responds to your update. Engage with people. Get engaged. Or something.

5. Groups
Join groups! And (just as you do with your status updates) share your feelings and stuff (hot links!) with your groups. Just make sure the groups are related to your actual business and not about yachting with Jay Z.

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