5 Key Features Every Staffing Website Needs


It seems like building a good staffing website should be pretty easy, right? You make it modern, clean, slap a nice logo on it , throw up some job postings and boom –  you’re all staffed up. But of course there’s more to it.

It takes an intuitive knowledge of design/development as well as what it takes to create an elegant, easy to navigate, and deceptively simple looking and functional website. Obviously it’s a process tl;dr for a blog post but I will give you a quick rundown on the 5 most important features a good staffing site should include for success. For free! You’re welcome.

Job Search/Apply Now:

It could be a pop up, a widget or a button (or a cat omg yes a cat) so long as it’s the most visible easy to use call to action on your site – you’re good to go. And it needs to be on the FRONT PAGE of your site. That’s important.

Social Buttons:

The internet! It’s important! How many ways can I tell you that? You need  facebook, Linked in and  twitter buttons at the minimum. People want to like you! They want to follow you! And they really want to connect with you. So stop withholding your social media please. It hurts the internet’s feelings.

Job Board:

Now that you’ve made it easy for candidates to find a job board button (or widget or cat or whatever) you need an easily negotiable job board. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve followed an apply now button from Linkedin and instead of it taking me directly to that specific job I wound up on some generic page asking me to search for the job listing. That should never happen. To me mostly. That should never happen to me because I’m what matters here.

Referral System:

Now that you’ve got the right people hired – guess what – they have friends! Friends who work in the same industry and need jobs too! So make it easy for them to refer postings to their friends (and vice versa) and maybe give them an incentive like say…a cat made out of money. I’m just spitballing here. No bad ideas.


And there you have it – 5 features you should include on your website immediately. Like…right now. Have you done it yet? What’s your problem omg I’m trying to help you.

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