What Should You Do When Your Customers Take A Facebook Vacation?







“I’m quitting Facebook” is the new “I’m going on a diet”.  Every January millions of people decide to overhaul their lives, New Year’s Resolution style,  and log off the interwebs for (gasp!) real life activities leaving those who rely on the web as an advertising source (in other words…EVERYONE) in the lurch.

So what do you do when your potential customer base leaves the advertising space (rhyming!) you use the most? According to Forbes, Google+ is your next best bet.


















You might still think of Google+ as a vast wasteland populated by spam and tumbleweeds but in reality it’s the second most popular social site on the internet and its members are growing exponentially. Combine that information with Youtube’s integration (and thus its user’s interactions) with Google+  and the marketing potential is pretty comparable to Facebook. Facebook is also notorious for cracking down on content marketing while Google+  is basically a content aggregator. So let people have their Facebook vacations and  pay some attention to the staycation-taking Google+ users. (still rhyming!)


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