Startup Bus Takes Mobile Development Literally


SXSW is less than two months away but will begin even sooner  for the brave women and men who decide to choose Startup Bus as their mode of transportation. Startup Bus is a 72 hour virtual on the road pitch fest whose passengers consist of “30 hackers, hipsters, and hustlers” (or in less alliterative terms –  coders, design/ branding types, and sales people).

In the three days it takes the buses to get to SXSW the riders pitch ideas, form teams of 7-10 people and attempt to create a successful brand in what amounts to a pressure cooker on wheels.  The idea is to mimic the stressful, yet creative environment often found in today’s start up culture. There’s an urgency and grittiness (the bethroom situation is apparently pretty disgusting) to the process that fosters a team building/bonding environment much like you’d find in boot camp or the first week of middle school.

It’s an interesting experiment magnifying the changing dynamic of what “work” is really like in today’s increasingly mobile world. If a brand can be (virtually) created in 72 hours with strangers on a moving bus with one dirty bathroom – well then what else can we change about the traditional workplace? Personally I’d like to work from a bed made out of kittens and a free 24 hour burrito delivery system. A girl can dream, can’t she?



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