Improve Your Staffing Company Mail Experience. That’s Right. Mail. Not Email. Mail.

I learned about this business last week and at first I couldn’t decide if it was crazy or brilliant. It’s called Outbox. The goal of Outbox is to improve your experience with mail. No, not email. But mail. As in the USPS. Snail mail.

How do they do this? Outbox picks up your mail for you and then creates digital copies for you. When the copies are ready you receive an electronic notification. From there, you can view, organize and remove all the paper mail you’ve receive. You can also ‘unsubscribe’ from items and Outbox will remove you from the mailers contact list, helping to eliminate junk mail. Further, if for any reason you do need physical copies of any of your mail, Outbox will ‘re-deliver’ it to you. Or in their words…

Intro to Outbox from Outbox on Vimeo.


First, I have to say, I can’t stand paper mail. In fact I despise it. I’ve been known to rail against the USPS. The concept of delivering paper via fossil fuel consuming transportation is inefficient, outdated and wasteful. Further, 90% or more of the mail I receive daily is absolute junk and ends up in my trash, creative further waste. The remaining 10% I receive are all items that could easily be made electronic if the people sending them would just catch up to….15 years ago. So, I’m definitely looking for something to improve, if not eliminate this experience.

Is Outbox the thing?

I love the UX/UI of the app they display your mail on. It’s well organized, simple and beautiful. Kudos there. It’s also ridiculously inexpensive. To the point where it reminds me of some other failed ideas that were drastically under priced. Kozmo anyone?

I also love the idea of storing, organizing and categorizing mail I need to save digitally. And, perhaps best of all, the ability to unsubscribe from junk mail is almost too good to be true.

Aside from using this service as a consumer though, what about using it as a business? Obviously if you’re receiving payments via mail you’d want them to not be included in this service. However, it seems that having everything else digitized, organized and stored digitally could actually be incredibly efficient for a business. And, if sifting through mail turns into some screen swipes and unsubscribing from junk mail, its seems in a few short months you could be saving your business some serious time on a potentially very time consuming task.

I think we’re going to give it a try for our business. We’ll let you know the results. What about you? Do you think Outbox is unnecessary or a service your staffing company could benefit from?


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