Infographic: Understanding the Net Promoter Score

Many companies in the staffing industry use the Net Promoter Score to measure their customer satisfaction and see great return in doing so. The method is simple and has an excellent track record for predicting future customer happiness.

Here’s a helpful infographic from referral marketing software company Ambassador. The infographic does a great job of explaining the Net Promoter Score and how the system of measuring customer happiness is benefiting many different companies and industries.

When the NPS method was first developed it relied heavily on the 0-10 scale of measurement. However, using this scale to measure customer happiness has several issues. NPS has recently evolved and the creators of the method have decoupled the scale (or any scale) from the core concept. For example, our product Hively is based upon the core concept of the NPS, however, it makes us of only 3 simple rating.

Is your staffing company using NPS to measure customer satisfaction? If not, what methods do you prefer?


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