Staffing Companies – Your Job Board is Killing Your SEO pt. 2

In our last post on this topic, we discussed how poorly implemented job boards are hurting the SEO of staffing company websites. So now, lets talk about ways to ensure your job board is helping, not hurting your SEO.

As a reminder of the issue:

Over the last year we started to notice an alarming trend with staffing company job boards. The majority of them are completely destroying the SEO value of these company websites. We’ve talked with too many companies that have spent thousands of dollars building and optimizing their website for search, only to do more harm than good by improperly using their job board.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to correct (or better yet, avoid all together). Job boards can significantly enhance your staffing company’s SEO if done properly.

Avoiding SEO Killer #1
You’re using an iFrame from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Most ATS systems enable you to place your jobs on your website through various means. The most common method is by using an iFrame. Avoid this method. The best option is to integrate your website with your ATS. This is not as complicated as it may sound.

All ATS systems will give you an RSS or XML feed of their jobs. Good ones will even have an API! These options will allow you to pull the jobs from your ATS and place them directly on your website. The other benefit of doing this is that you can style the jobs to match the look and feel of your website instead of having a terrible looking list of data on your nicely designed website.

When selecting this method, the key to getting the most SEO value possible is to be sure and create good URLs for your job board and dynamic URLs for all the job list search results and job detail pages.

Example: No iFrame. This job board we created pulls in jobs from an ATS using their API.


Avoid SEO Killer #2
Your job URLs are not SEO friendly. When it comes to job boards, this is probably the most common SEO killer we see out there, and we see it in several forms.

  • - SEO your URLs. Be sure the job board your using allows you to customize your URLs. If it doesn’t why are you using it? Isn’t the point of having a job board to improve your SEO? If so, and you can’t customize the URLs, you’re getting no SEO value.
  • - Properly SEO your URLS. Be sure to map fields correctly and properly ID all the relevant components of your job in the URL – profession, job type and location at a minimum.
  • - Don’t over SEO your URLS. Less is more here. You don’t need much to start earning SEO value. Again, simply ID the relevant job components and ensure they’re accurate and you’ll receive the value you need.

Example: SEO’d URL. The custom job board we created here allows for properly customized URLs.

Avoid SEO Killer #3
Your jobs are on a completely separate site. Although this killer is the most dangerous, fortunately it’s the easiest to avoid. Simply avoid having your main job board be another site. To be clear – it’s fine to post your jobs on other job sites like Indeed or Career Builder. However, don’t use these sites as your primary job board option. Further, if you do use an off the shelf solution for your job board be sure it’s hosted on your domain and can do everything we’ve mentioned above.

Summary of what needs to be done to ensure your job board is adding, and not subtracting, SEO value:

  • Don’t use the iFrame option from your ATS
  • Pull in jobs from your ATS onto your website, preferably through an API
  • Properly SEO your URLs
  • Don’t send your jobs to another site (as your primary job board)
  • If you’re using an ‘off the shelf’ job board be sure it can do all the things mentioned here.
  • BONUS TIP! Don’t forget about your mobile job board!

Any question or need help with any of this? Let us know.



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