A Lesson From Harry & David for Staffing Companies

Last year we sent several gifts to our clients around the holidays. For some, we ordered some simple items from Harry & David. As the holidays began to approach this year, we once again prepared to send client gifts. Right as it became a consideration for us, we got a perfectly timed email from Harry & David that looked like this.

The email reminded me of what we sent last year and who we sent gifts too. In addition, Harry & David had all of these items ready to go again, and with a single clic, we had the ability to simply send these same gifts to the same people. Granted, our list has changed this year and sending the same gift might not be the most awesome thing to do. However, there were still several good marketing and customer service lessons we found from this simple email.

Here’s what we learned and what we think your staffing company can learn from Harry & David:

Be timely. This message was perfectly timed. About two weeks before Thanksgiving we started thinking “it’s just about time to get our client gifts together.” As if Harry & David was listening to our thoughts *BAM!* we get this email at the exact same time.

Anticipate your client needs and plan your out reach to them accordingly.


Have a great message. The message at the the top of this email was simple and encouraging – “Thrill Them Again.” The message reminded us how happy we made our clients with these simple gifts. Why not do it again right? Great encouragement to make another purchase.

Remind your clients the value you bring to them, encourage them to work with you and keep your message simple.


Keep it simple. With one click it was possible to be done with our client gift shopping. As we mentioned though, we made some changes to the order. However, it was still incredibly simple to reorder, even with the changes.

How are you making your clients lives easier with the service you provide them? Can they get what they need from you with the click of a mouse, a text message or a quick phone call? Is your process simple enough that all barriers to working with or buying from you have been removed?


Make a great offer. As if all this wasn’t enough, Harry & David threw in a discount on their price from last year and increased the discount based on the amount we ordered. Wonderful! Even though we were ready to purchase through them, this incentive made the decision a 100% certain.

What offers have you given your customers lately? Is it the same old same old? Or have you given them any discounts or guarantees based on their continued or renewed business with you?


Follow up. The best thing about this? Harry & David didn’t just stop at one email. Although we fully intended on going through with this purchase from the first email, a couple of weeks past and we still hadn’t made the purchase. Guess what? They sent a follow up email. We actually used this email to make the purchase. We could have dug through our old emails and found the first one, but we didn’t have to now.

Always follow up with your clients. If you don’t hear from them the first time it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t interested in what you have to say. Stay on top of your communication with them.


Again, we were inspired by the simplicity of this email, the message and the process and thought the lessons here were relevant enough to share. Have any of your own tips on making life easier for customers? Share them below. Or click here to talk with us about marketing strategies for your staffing company.


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