Tips for Getting Your Staffing Company Started with Instagram

In a previous post we discussed why your staffing company should start using Instagram. With 80 million users in just a couple short years, this is a social media site that can’t be ignored.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of Instagram for your staffing company.

1: Share
Instagram is a great mobile marketing app and should be integrated into your entire social media marketing strategy. Instagram is built to work with other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. So, as soon as you take a photo be sure to share it on these other sites in a way that’s relevant to your social media campaigns.

Integrating your social media platforms can have a tremendous viral effect. For example, when a user likes a photo on Instagram it also shows up in their feed on Facebook. From there, if a friend of this user clicks on this liked photo they can see this photo along with all the comments and associated hashtags. The photo can be shared from here as well.

2: Connect with your followers
Instagram lets you find your followers on Facebook and through email. Find all that you can and connect with them here. Be sure to interact with them and not just put out your own content. Reply to their comments, comment and like their pictures, etc.

3. Run contests
You can easily create contests, scavenger hunts, and other promotions for your followers. If you need ideas or want more information on this just let us know. We can even help your staffing company set up its own Instagram stream or photo contest on your site.



4: Let your followers see your company from another perspective
Take photos of your staff, your office, your day to day, trade shows, events etc. so your followers can get to know you and your team better.

5: Get your employees involved!
Don’t leave your employees out of the fun. A great way to get things kicked off is to have your team involved. Get them to follow your social media sites and contribute content. This will hopefully also encourage their friends to participate.

6: Use hashtags
Hashtags are those things that look like this #staffing. Basically, a word preceded by the # sign. Hashtagging allows an image to be more discoverable through search. Start owning your own brand hashtag or contribute to general or more popular tags by getting your fans to tag photos this way.

If you haven’t started developing content around your brands hashtag you should definitely get started. Using, Promoting, and Monitoring your brand hashtag has some great benefits.

  • People can more easily find photos related to your brand
  • It is easier for your followers to get and stay involved with your campaigns
  • It help you track and monitor activity around your brand and your social marketing efforts

7: Geo-Tag your photos
Instagram lets you geo tag photos and displays them on a great interactive map. This lets you see where photos are being taken and is a lot of fun to look at. There are all kinds of opportunities with this. Geo tagging can help you promote an event, tell a story or highlight specific locations.

8: Take great photos!
Don’t forget the main purpose of Instagram – taking great photos! Get creative and take interesting photos people will want to share, talk about and comment on. Don’t be afraid to experiment or get quirky.

9: Update and promote your ompany and personal profiles. That’s right, just this week Instagram announced the release of web profiles. This is going to be and excellent way to promote your personal and company brand, while connecting with your audience. Profiles will be rolling out this week so be sure to update yours! And follow us!

Ready to get started? Signing up for Instagram is easy. If you want to discuss more ideas on how your staffing company can get the most out of Instagram and other social media campaigns let us know!


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