Staffing Companies – Your Job Seekers Are Mobile

This week Simply Hired released its annual “Today’s Job Seeker Report,” containing some very interesting data. Perhaps most notable is the highlighted increase in usage of mobile phones by job seekers. The data suggests that mobile is now the norm and the expectation of job seekers, as 70% of them are currently searching for jobs via their mobile device.  According to the Simply Hired report, the number of job seekers using mobile is even higher than those using social networks by 10% (70% mobile, 60% social networking). The report suggests that seven out of every ten people searching for a job are now doing so on mobile devices.

Also of interest, the data from the report showed that only three out of every ten job seekers have actually applied for a job from their mobile device. This number could easily increase if candidates were provided with a more simplified application process, as eight out of ten of these same respondents said they would be happy to apply online if they had the option or the process was more simple.

We’ve seen the trend of mobile increase significantly, even in the work we do for our clients. Smartphones now account for over 55% of the mobile market in the U.S. and mobile devices are far out numbering desktop computers. Three years ago we were still explaining to clients the value of mobile websites. This year, almost 100% of the projects we’ve done include a mobile website and mobile job board for staffing companies. In some cases, some of our clients are seeing one out of every six of their visitors coming from mobile devices.

Your clients and candidates are mobile. Is your website and job board mobile? If not, let us know and we can help.



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