Staffing Companies – Your Job Board is Killing Your SEO

One of the most common and valuable features found on any staffing company’s website is a job board. We’ve seen hundreds of job boards over the last several years. They all have different features and approaches toward the main goal recruiting top talent and communicating new opportunities to your existing staff. When done right, job boards can provide incredible value in terms of SEO for your staffing company.

Over the last year we started to notice an alarming trend with staffing company job boards. The majority of them are completely destroying the SEO value of these company websites. We’ve talked with too many companies that have spent thousands of dollars building and optimizing their website for search, only to do more harm than good by improperly using their job board.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to correct (or better yet, avoid all together). Before we get to that, lets address some of reasons your job board is killing your SEO. Please note, our intent is not to call out any specific companies with the info below so we’ve blurred or covered parts of the images to keep focus on the message.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process by which pages on your site get indexed and ranked by search engines, and displayed to users based on the keywords and phrases these potential clients and candidates are using to find companies like yours.

SEO Killer #1
You’re using an iFrame from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Most ATS systems enable you to place your jobs on your website through various means. Most staffing companies elect the simplest and most cost effective method for getting jobs from their ATS posted to their site with something called an iFrame. Unfortunately, this method is costing you in lost opportunities.

What is an iFrame? Without getting too technical, an iFrame essentially posts content from one site onto another through a ‘window’, or a frame. In addition to being very prone to malware, iFrames are terrible for your SEO because the content they display is not native to the page it’s on. In other words, when crawling your page for content, search engine bots can identify the page has an iFram,e but not the content within the iFrame. That means all that potentially valuable, job specific, SEO’d content ends up being of zero value to you.

SEO Killer #2
Your job URLs are not SEO friendly. When it comes to job boards, this is probably the most common SEO killer we see out there, and we see it in several forms.

  • - No SEO in your URLs. Many companies are using job boards that work just fine but their URLs are simply not SEO’d. Why does this matter? It matters because each job you post to your website (from the list page, to the job detail, to the application) has a major opportunity to rank for the type of job, location, duration, etc. and lead new talent back to your site. Without SEO’d URLs, you’re missing out!
  • - Improper SEO in your URLS. Often times companies use job boards or ATS systems that were created prior to considering SEO (or they just left overlooked this benefit) and the results are everything from no SEO, to improper SEO. Most often, improper SEO comes in the form of not mapping fields incorrectly or not identifying jobs down to specific locations and details. These issues become widespread, as search engines can’t index these jobs properly and other systems can’t take your job feeds correctly.
  • - Too much SEO in your URLS. Too much SEO (also known as keyword stuffing) is also a bad thing. Sometimes companies get a bit overzealous and start listing every relevant keyword they can think of in their URLs. Google will actually penalize you for this practice, which is worse than not having any SEO at all. For example, recently we saw a job detail page with a URL similar to: http://www.[companyname].com/jobs/openings/occupational-therapist-therapy-ot-hospital-contract-therapists-OTs-arkansas-arkansas-ak


SEO Killer #3
Your jobs are on a completely separate site. Although this killer isn’t seen as much, it is perhaps the most tragic. This practice comes into play by having all of your jobs on a separate site entirely. In other words, you work extremely hard to drive traffic to your site in order to get people to apply for your jobs. But when they click the ‘Job Search’ or ‘Apply’ button – your site is redirecting these people to a separate site entirely. Recently we’ve seen more and more companies doing this because of the new bells and whistles some job boards offer. Without a doubt, no bell or whistle is worth losing site traffic like this. Check your links. If, when you click to your jobs or application page, you’re directed to a new URL that is not your domain or a sub-domain of your domain – you’re sending all your traffic to this site.

In our next post we’ll tell you how to avoid (or fix) all of these practices and ensure you’re getting all the SEO value out of your job board possible. Can’t wait that long? Contact us today and we’ll help get your website back on track.


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