Staffing Robot Gets A New Look!

There’s a saying you may have heard before – “the cobblers children have no shoes.” This saying could definitely be applied to us. When we launched Staffing Robot as a website design and marketing services firm for staffing companies we were overwhelmed with the amount of companies seeking out our services. We love all the companies we’ve had the opportunity to work with and are really proud of the work we’ve been doing together. But we’ve been doing so much work we never really took the time to do any for ourselves.

Until today!

We’re completely excited to now show you the new look of Staffing Robot.

Next week we’ll be launching our new brand to include a new website, mobile website, blog, social pages, portfolio site and much more!

Here are the new items we’re looking forward to showing off.

New Logo:

We’ve always had a bit of a retro look and color palette but wanted to take this even further. We’ve created lots of different robots but we’ll let you find them all on our site next week.

New Website:

With our website we had 3 main goals (stop me if you’ve heard this one before):

  • Simple
  • Useful
  • Creative

We think we achieved these goals. Instead of having too many options and a bunch of content to navigate through we’ve created only two main navigation options (About and Services) that take your through a few slides each, describing the services we offer and information about our company.

From there, we made finding the services customers are interested in super simple. We consolidated this information in one location – right under the ‘How can we help?’ tab found along the bottom of every page.

Finally, instead of a traditional website look we went with something more unique and creative. We built the site to work more like a presentation and it’s lots of fun to swipe through on your iPad. Give it a try!

Our old corporate site was located at However, starting next week you’ll find our corporate site at and our blog at

New Mobile Website:

One of the best services we provide to staffing companies is mobile website design and development. So,of course we couldn’t forget a mobile site for ourselves!  Our mobile site is simple to get through, optimized for smart phones and provides you with all the information you need to learn more about us or contact us.

New Blog:

Staffing Robot started as a blog so we put some extra attention into our new blog design. Starting next week you’ll find our blog at Our new blog will let you easily explore categories, feature our latest blog, comment on our posts and view our social streams. Also, since we had so many people interested in advertising with us we’ve created some ad space to help promote your services! Want to run an ad? Contact us and let us know.

Our goal is to keep bringing you relevant news and information on the staffing industry, specifically related to design, marketing and technology so be sure to subscribe to our blog via RSS or email.

Social Sites:

We are also updating the look of our social sites next week so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to check out the new pages!

New business cards:

Note the new phone number! 866.991.1849.

T Shirts!

Oh yes! We also have T-Shirts! Everyone loves T-shirts right? If you’re a Staffing Robot customer we’ll be sending you one of these. If not, but you [robot head] staffing tell us and we’ll let you know how to get one!

We have much more to announce related to our new brand over the next several weeks, but we’ll leave it at this for now. Let us know what you think about our new look below. And, if you’re ready to be our next innovate client, be the first to use our new contact form on our new site (my personal favorite part of the site).

And don’t forget - starting next week, you’ll find our company site at and our blog at

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