Robots More Expensive Not More Effective For Surgery


Humans: 1

Robots: 0

A new article by Fierce Health IT reports some bad news for Robots. A new study indicates that surgical robots are more expensive and show no major advantages in their use.



Robotic surgery is clearly associated with higher costs, without any clear advantages, lead author Jason Wright, a gynecologic surgeon at Columbia University, told Reuters.

Yes, a sad day for Robots indeed. But there's still hope for Robots…

We should not give up on this new technology simply because early [comparative effectiveness research] tells us that robotic hysterectomies may be too costly to perform," Leitao wrote. "How will we ever advance innovative technology in surgery if we cannot understand and accept the associated start-up costs?


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One thought on “Robots More Expensive Not More Effective For Surgery

  1. Use of Robotic surgery in India has already proven itself to be of great value, particularly in areas inaccessible to conventional laparoscopic procedures. Applications of robotic surgery are expanding rapidly into many different surgical disciplines. Furthermore, it has the potential to expand surgical treatment modalities beyond the limits of human ability. The young surgeons in India have been intrigued by the technology and have developed a thirst for evaluating it on their home soil. Robotic surgery gives the best of both – open surgery in terms of 3-D view and laparoscopy in terms of smaller cuts.

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