Staffing Industry Net Promoter Score: There’s a Better Way!

Last week we pointed you to the Hively blog to read about ways the Net Promoter Score can be improved. The NPS has become a widely adopted system of measure for staffing companies when it comes to keeping track of customer satisfaction. Although it's a good system, it does have some gaps.

That's where Hively comes in – to fill those gaps. Hively lets your customers give you real time feedback with 1 click, at their convenience. Now you no longer have to guess at your customer satisfaction or find out that things aren't going so well after the fact.

Jump over to the Hively blog and read about how Hively improves upon the Net Promoter Score for the staffing industry

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Have questions or want a demo of Hively? Contact us and et us know. And remember, you can sign up and use Hively for free with up to 3 team members!



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