Net Promoter Score for the Staffing Industry: There’s a Better Way!

image from teamhively.comHaving been in the staffing industry for over a decade we've talked with a lot of staffing companies that use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for measuring their company performance and overall customer satisfaction. Using the NPS method for gathering this kind of data is a good start but there are several shortcomings with this method that have been improved upon with Hively.

Hively lets you customers give you real time feedback with 1 click, at their convenience. Companies using Hively are getting feedback in real time, all the time. When your company is doing this, it's no longer necessary to periodically send out surveys or to guess at your customer satisfaction.

Jump over to the Hively blog and read more about how Hively improves on the Net Promoter Score method for measuring customer satisfaction.

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