Recruiting for Your Jobs With Email Marketing Campaigns That Work!

job recruiting Creating email marketing campaigns to distribute jobs is a great way to communicate with your candidates. However, many staffing companies forget about relevance. Sending all of your RN jobs to a therapist or your CNA jobs to an RN is almost guaranteed to make your readers hit the unsubscribe button.

With our email marketing application – ePromoter, you can easily distribute the right jobs to the right candidates and increase your conversion rates!

This post is the seventh in a series titled: 10 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Staffing Email Marketing Campaigns. The post focuses on tips for segmenting your contact lists in order to send them timely and relevant job listings.

In our last post we detailed how to create list segments in ePromoter. By 'segmenting' we mean organizing your list by groups such as customer type, demographics, region, where you met the contact, etc. Segmenting offers flexibility and insures you're sending the right info to the right people.  

With ePromoter, we can set you up with a custom email job template that promotes your job and clearly communicates your available jobs.

email job template

But the most important part is that we can help you insure the right jobs are going to the right people. How you ask?

ePromoter allows prospective candidates to sign up for your email blasts by simply putting a few lines of code on your website. The sign up forms are easy to implement. If you need any help or have questions just ask us.

add email sign up form to website
Once you have your sign up forms on your website in the location of your choosing your candidates can sign up for your job email communications based on their professional type! For example, RN's get RN jobs and Therapists get Therapy jobs.

job email sign up

Next, inside of ePromoter you can schedule emails to go out on the day/time of your choosing. You can even have these events repeat! This feature allows you to determine which candidates on your contact list, get what emails (with relevant job information), and when. Pretty snazzy!

schedule email campaigns

Summary: Don't be like your competition and make the mistake of sending every available job to every candidate. Be sure to segment your contact lists and allow your candidates to indicate their job preference so you can communicate relevant job information. Doing so will increase your conversion rate and keep your candidates engaged!

Ready to get started on your email marketing campaigns? Click here to sign up for ePromoter or here if you'd like us to help you with your next staffing email marketing campaign.

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