Staffing Robot Launches First Mobile Website for Healthcare Staffing Industry with Medical Solutions

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working on a large project with one of the leading staffing agencies in the healthcare staffing industry. The project has been incredibly difficult to keep secret because we knew the work we were doing was going to really push things forward in the industry. And we had a blast doing it! Well finally, were able to announce the results of the project.

Staffing Robot has built and delivered the first mobile website in the healthcare staffing industry! Medical Solutions hired us a few months ago for the purposes of rebranding and improving their existing website. During that process we also worked with them to create a mobile version of their site to deliver a better and more appropriate experience to mobile based users. The site is the first of its kind for the healthcare staffing industry.

As a web development and services company for the healthcare staffing industry, Staffing Robot works with clients of all sizes and budgets. However, we’re constantly seeking out innovative clients that are leaders in the space and willing to try new things. Medical Solutions fit this description perfectly. Medical Solutions recognized the opportunity presented by delivering their services in a mobile environment, and they stepped up to the challenge of delivering that solution.

The new mobile website helps Medical Solutions provide their clients and healthcare professionals easy access through their mobile devices, to the most popular and relevant services of their website The mobile website looks and performs like any phone app found on most smart phones, with the key difference being that it is accessed via the web, not through any specific device or platform. That means whether you have an iPhone, Android, iPad or Blackberry – the site’s features and functions are available to you.

The mobile site provides quick, convenient access to key information such as a newly designed job search for travel nurses, easy nurse job application format, educational and testimonial videos for travelers, travel nursing news and announcements, and important information about Medical Solutions.

In addition, Staffing Robot also built a new ‘desktop’ website for Medical Solutions. A visitor to the site is automatically given either the desktop or the mobile experience based on whether they access the site with a desktop computer or a mobile device. The new Medical Solutions website puts the healthcare travelers front and center by letting them talk about their experiences of being a travel nurse. Healthcare travelers that want to participate on the site can create an account at or sign up with their Facebook credentials. All visitors can now simply navigate through the site to find helpful information related to their medical profession or client service needs. The newly designed healthcare job search also allows those interested in travel nursing to quickly find interesting assignments in any location and profession they choose.

The final component to our work with Medical Solutions was in developing their new brand identity. This identity included the creation of a new logo mark, typeface, color palette and visual elements that represent the diversity and individuality Medical Solutions promotes. The new brand identity is designed to better reflect Medical Solutions customer first mentality, built on a continuing history of innovative ideas and services that meet the needs of traveling healthcare professionals as well as hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


The most satisfaction Staffing Robot gets from a project like this is knowing our clients are satisfied.

Being able to outsource our website development to Staffing Robot has freed us to think more strategically while remaining focused on our day to day objectives,” said Dale Williams, Medical Solutions co-founder. “We needed a company that understood our audience and our industry, and could assist us with the technical challenges of a project this size. I couldn’t be more pleased with our choice to partner with Staffing Robot on this endeavor.

We’re incredibly excited to watch Medical Solutions grow and see all the success we know they’ll have with their new ability to connect with their audience via mobile devices. And, we’re very excited to have had the opportunity to help bring such a solution to the healthcare staffing industry as a whole.

Check out their new site and give it a try. Our favorite thing to do is to first view it on your desktop computer, and then go to the same site on your mobile phone for a completely separate experience! Take a look and let us know what you think. You can read our full press release here: first mobile website for the healthcare staffing industy.

So that said, the only question we have now is – who’s next? Innovative clients wanted. Please contact us here: CONTACT STAFFING ROBOT.


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4 thoughts on “Staffing Robot Launches First Mobile Website for Healthcare Staffing Industry with Medical Solutions

  1. Hi there:
    MedicalSolutions is not the first mobile web site. In fact, our own has been live for several months now as has MedicalConnections’ iOS app and there must be others. I am curious on how you realized your client was in fact “first.”
    Any tools out there that timestamp mobile site launches? Thanks!

  2. Hi Brent –
    Thanks for the info. Congrats on having a mobile website! It’s a big step forward. When did you guys launch that site? I know you said a few months ago but I was just curious as to the actual date.
    As far as the claim and the research – we only searched for nurse staffing companies with a mobile site. Perhaps we should have further qualified the announcement as the first ‘Nurse Staffing’ mobile website.
    We simply looked at the websites for the top 100 nurse staffing companies in the healthcare staffing industry and none of them have a mobile website. We didn’t discover your site because it is focused on therapists.
    As far as the Medical Connections app – yes, we knew about that one, and several others actually. But as you know, there’s a big difference between a native app and a mobile website. We think there are many more benefits of having a mobile website over a native app, so that was the primary reason for our announcement. We will be blogging more on the topic in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Hi Jason:
    Thanks for such a complete response.
    The Reflectx mobile web site launched April 7th. We have a lot of email subscribers so we just announced it to them, but you’re right I should have made more fanfare!
    I agree Medical Connections’ app is actually just a link to their mobile site, but it still is a mobile-enabled version of their website. They were definitely the first I saw to market (sometime last year, I believe). There may have been others.
    Either way, as you know, there are lots of “Healthcare Staffing” Companies that don’t do Nurse Staffing. Reflectx is one of the largest Therapy-Only Staffing companies, and while we’re not on your Nurse list, we’re definitely in the top ten of the largest Reahb-Only staffing companies.
    Thanks for setting the record straight on your claims that your client was “first.”

  4. A few things to clarify…
    1) The Medical Connections mobile experience is a ‘native’ app. Meaning, ‘native’ to a particular platform/device/OS. In this case, the iPhone. Many healthcare staffing companies have iPhone apps, most of which came out even prior to the Medical Connections app. What we launched for Medical Solutions is a mobile website. Big difference. Therefore, we announced that we created the first mobile website – not first mobile app – in the space. The Medical Solutions website in fact is NOT mobile enabled. They have an app, but not a mobile website.
    2) If the reflectxstaffing mobile website was launched on April 7th then really it was only launched a couple of weeks before the Medical Solutions mobile website. In reality, the Medical Solutions site was up and being tested in March, launched in April, soft promoted in May and mass promoted in June. While the PR came out in June, the site had been up at least since mid/late April. Therefore, we’re sure you’d agree we’re just talking about a minor time difference here.
    3) Our claim was based on a search for similar sites and only included a look at nurse staffing sites. Therefore, because you didn’t publicly announce your site, because it was only up a couple of weeks prior and because it’s focused on therapists, we didn’t include it in our research.
    So, in summary, while we agree you have accurately clarified some distinctions and have made us realize we should be even more descriptive in our promotions, we don’t feel the need to change or retract any statements. If anything, all we’d do is add the word ‘nursing’ into out title to say something like ‘First Mobile Website for Nurse Staffing in the Healthcare Staffing Industry’. And that really isn’t much of distinction.
    Thanks for the conversation!

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