Tips for Effectively Segmenting Your Healthcare Staffing Company’s Email Contact List

Segments Email marketing is an incredibly effective way to distribute information to your candidates and clients. However, many healthcare staffing companies we speak with our still having a difficult time managing lists within their email marketing tools. While it may be tempting to build one list and email all your contacts with a single message, there is tremendous marketing value in using a segmented list. 

This post is the sixth in a series titled: 10 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Staffing Email Marketing Campaigns. The series focuses on tips for segmenting your contact lists for email and e-newsletter campaigns using ePromoter by Staffing Robot. 

By 'segmenting' we mean organizing your list by groups. Basically, taking one big list and turning it into a number of smaller lists, based on certain criteria. The criteria could include customer type, demographics, region, where you met the contact, etc. Once you have this data collected in a larger list, it’s easy to create segments of subscribers from it.

The great thing about segmenting your lists is flexibility. You can still email the full list with a single message any time. However, now you can also send targeted and relevant messages to certain segments of your audience. 

Here are 10 ideas for "what" types of data to segment your email list by:

1) Clients and Candidates: For healthcare staffing companies, this should be the first segment you create. The messages you send your candidates are very different than the ones you send your hospital clients.

Pros-cust 2) Prospects and Customers: Once an email list member has gone from a prospect to a client, it's time to move them to a different segment in the list where they receive emails designed for clients and not prospects. Nothing can get your clients to hit the unsubscribe button faster than to be sending them sales messages geared toward prospects.

3) Job Type Interest: Sending out all of your jobs to all of your candidates is a sure way to have them lose interest. Let your candidates indicate which jobs interest them by job type, job specialty, region, etc. and send them relevant job lists based on this preference. 

4) Travelers and Per Diem staff: Travel assignments are obviously very different than per diem ones and the messages going to each type of staff is most likely very different. 

5) Modalities – Nursing, Allied and Physician: The different modalities you staff bring you different candidates. Make sure you're not talking to nursing staff about great physician opportunities or Hospitalists about a new Tech position!

6) Consistent Job Takers: You know those staff that take every assignment and are constantly working new opportunities for you? They should probably get a message that is slightly different. Offering them incentives, referral or assignment bonuses, etc. is a good idea. This should definitely be a specialized message for this group only.

7) State or Region: Segmenting lists by state or region for both your clients and candidates is a good idea. For clients, even the language you speak can change from state to state so using their terminology for things like LVN or BSN – or even Registry versus Agency can make a big difference!
For you candidates, segmenting by state or region based on where they live or where they want to work can also make a big difference.

Queen-crown 8) Your Top Clients: Your best clients need to be acknowledged, remembered and given special attention. Gifts of exclusive information, offers or is a great way to reward these people.

9) Basic demographics: Demographics might include age, ethnicity, gender, education levels, occupation, location, marital status, number of children, income, etc. If you are a successful healthcare staffing company, most likely your candidates are very diverse across all of these demographics. Segmenting for any or all of them might pay off for you.

10) Social: Segment your lists based on your online social groups. Segment your Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Linkedin connections, etc. Or, group them all together as a 'Social' segment and target relevant messages to them.

Now that you have some ideas for new list segments, lets show you how to do this inside of ePromoter. It's all too simple!

1. Inside of ePromoter go to the 'Contact Lists' tab.

2. Hover over the name of the list you want to segment.

Screen shot 2011-05-08 at 3.24.54 PM

3. Simply click on 'New Segment" within the appropriate list.

4. Name your new segment and create conditional rules below. Rules can be created based on data fields or actions taken (or not taken).

image from

That's it! Now, next time you go to create an email message you simply select the segment to target from your master list. Or, even better, you can create auto responders and establish drip campaigns strategies for your healthcare staffing company.

The objective of segmenting your email list members is to increase the response, click and conversion rate of your recipients. The more relevant your message, the more valuable it is and the more likely it is to resonate with your audience. 

Segmenting your contact lists is a very important aspect of successful email marketing tactics. If you have the right tool doing this can be a snap. However, if it all sounds a bit overwhelming get in touch with us and we'll help your healthcare staffing company get started.

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