Why Your Healthcare Staffing Company Needs a Mobile Strategy Now!

Healthcare-staffing-mobile-web-development Just a few short years ago, most likely the primary business use you had for your mobile phone was some kind of convenient CRM tool. How quickly things have changed! This year, it's all about mobile for businesses and healthcare staffing is no exception.

If you don't have mobile strategy for your healthcare staffing company, the time to get one is now. From mobile web experience, to job search, to candidate applications, the people you do business with are trying to connect with you via their mobile device more than ever. Therefore, adopting strategies for connecting with potential candidates and clients is essential. Moreover, it is important you and your recruiters are up to date on the latest mobile marketing methods (say that 3 times fast).

We've been working with several healthcare staffing companies across the nation and many are starting to realize the need for and value of a mobile strategy. For some, they are beginning to view it for what it is – a key component of growth and opportunity for recruiting and engagement. We'll have some exciting announcements to make in the next few weeks about this so stay tuned!

For now though – think your healthcare staffing company doesn't need to worry about mobile yet? Lets look at some stats:

What mobile experience is your healthcare staffing company providing people right now?

Play along at home: Pick up your mobile phone, bring up your mobile browser and go to your company's website. What does it look like? At a minimum – does it look ok? Is everything working? If so, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. If a nurse candidate were visiting your site on his/her mobile phone what's the #1 thing you want them to do?
  2. Can this candidate easily achieve this goal on his/her mobile phone without a lot of pinching, zooming, navigating, etc? 

Remember, a mobile device is smaller, slower and serves a different purpose for the user. Therefore, the mobile web experience and design you deliver should be relevant for these devices and these people. At a minimum you want to be sure your mobile website components work and look good. But that's truly the minimum. The goal is to provide a consistent and similar (if not better) experience that these visitors get from your desktop website.

So how did your site look? It's probably fair to assume your company has some work to do in this area. Mobile web development, design and strategy can be tricky and there are a lot of things to consider. Where do you start? Does your CMS support mobile efforts? Do you have an internal IT/Development team that can build for mobile? Is your staff up to speed with current mobile marketing practices?

But don't sweat it! It's not too late to be early when it comes to mobile in the healthcare staffing industry. However, the time to get started is now and Staffing Robot can help. We have vast experience in mobile website development, design and marketing. We can work with you to devise a winning mobile strategy for your healthcare staffing company.

To get you started, we'll be posting more on this topic in the next couple of weeks. We'll provide you with tips on:

  • mobile web design – where to start and design best practices
  • mobile development considerations – native apps vs. the mobile web
  • mobile marketing techniques and strategies 


As your customers and healthcare professionals increasingly turn to their mobile devices to browse the web and seek information about healthcare staffing services, it's extremely important that healthcare staffing companies make sure their websites are compatible with mobile devices and provide a useful mobile experience. Ensuring your mobile site visitors have a positive user experience as good, if not better, than the experience they get from your desktop website, is the first step in developing a mobile web strategy.

If you're ready to get started today contact Staffing Robot and lets get you a mobile strategy!

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