Promoting Your Healthcare Staffing Agency’s Job Opportunities on Facebook

Top-medical-jobs Many healthcare staffing companies have already discovered the value of marketing on Facebook and have successfully developed their Facebook pages to promote their brands. While posting status updates and news stories is a great way to get started with engagement, there are many more ways to promote your staffing company on Facebook.

For healthcare staffing companies, setting up a job distribution strategy on Facebook is the first place to start with your social media marketing. However, many staffing companies we talk to feel that, although they're doing everything right they're still not getting the number of qualified candidates they want out of their Facebook recruiting strategy.

So what's the problem?

The problem is most likely because your post stream is putting out too much information. In addition, by automatically posting all of your jobs through a feed you're not differentiating your jobs or your staffing company from the next. This typically creates a situation whereby your audience becomes disinterested and may even hide or 'unlike' you so they aren't overwhelmed with the information you're putting out.

Displaying your jobs on your Facebook page is a great idea. However, making these jobs interesting so they stand out is the key.

This post is the fourth in a series titled: 10 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Your Healthcare Staffing Company. In this post we will provide you with tips on how to get the most out of posting your jobs on Facebook.

There are several job apps available on Facebook – JobMagic is a great app that allows you to send your jobs to Facebook. Or, simply using the Facebook Careers tab is another great option. However, it's also a good idea to consider how to make these jobs stand out – not just be available.

Tips on how to make your healthcare staffing company's jobs stand out of Facebook:

1. Set up analytics. The first things you may want to do is set up an analytics platform. We recommend Google Analytics. It's free, easy to install and does everything you need it to for tracking. Once your analytics system is set up, start tracking your job click through and conversion rates. Analyzing this data will let you know which jobs are converting and which ones are not.

2. Focus on the messaging. The message of the job is the most critical. It’s the most useful part of selling a qualified candidate on working for your company. Test different messages by changing things up. Try out different titles, offers, details, etc. Track your conversions on different messages to see what's working.

Icon-hot 3. Don’t be boring. I know we're just talking about job information but do your best to make it exciting. Use descriptive language and talk about the exciting aspects and benefits of the job.

4. Focus on the benefits. Focus less on the day to day activities the job requires and focus more on what the candidate will get from this job – new experience, large hospital system, great location, high pay, etc.

5. Sell the job. Ask yourself why a candidate would want this job. Be sure to highlight all the best “perks”. Sell the candidate on the opportunity, don't just list all the job qualifications.

6. Summarize. List the high level, relevant information of the job. Just enough to peak their interest. If they are interested, they'll contact you for the rest of the details.

7. Include non "job specific" content. Link videos, images, or blog content to your job posting. A good idea is to let healthcare professional candidates see other healthcare professionals loving their job. Specially, travel nursing or temporary per diem jobs.

Tips on how to distribute your job opportunities throughout Facebook.

One of the most overlooked marketing aspects on Facebook is brand awareness. Not every action has to lead to a conversion. Often times, there is a lot of value in introducing or promoting your brand to a new audience.

There is a great feature many people on Facebook don't know about or use. This feature enables your status updates to appear on the pages of other Facebook users or other company pages. This gives you the opportunity to have a lot more people potentially discover your business.

This feature is known as tagging. Tagging allows you to post content on the pages of others by 1) 'Liking' their page and 2) referencing the page name in your post. The reference must be preceded with the “@” sign and then their name.

Confused? Let us explain…

Lets say you are a local per diem healthcare staffing company in Chicago, Illinois. Instead of just displaying your jobs on your page it's also a good idea to display them on other relevant pages – say, the page for the City of Chicago. That's right, almost every major city in the U.S. has a Facebook page. These pages list interesting information about the city and many local inhabitants follow (Like) these pages.

Wouldn't it be great if you could post your job opportunities on these pages? Guess what? You can! Here's how…

1.Like the page. Continuing with our example, first, go ahead and 'Like' the City of Chicago's Facebook page.

2. When you post a job on your page, instead of simply typing in the details that the job is available in Chicago, Illinois type that the job is available in @[name of page]. When you type the @ symbol wait a few seconds. You will see a list of pages you like in a dropdown list. When you see [name of page] select it from the list.

Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 9.26.00 AM
3. Once you post this job – the job will show up on your page. However, it will also show up on the page for the City of Chicago! You can display your job here and now people that have also liked this page will see the job.

Here are some additional benefits of this feature:

1. You can actually use this same feature with any status update. You can post to pages of fans or friends from your personal or business page in the exact same way. Just type the @ symbol and then the name of the page or user.

Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 9.24.03 AM
2. Use multiple tags (up to six) within updates to expand your reach.

3. Upload videos and images in your updates.

4. Include links to pages outside of Facebook in your posts.

5. If you're using this feature, don't just use it to post the same thing all the time (like your jobs). Post your other relevant tips, news and information on these pages as well. Mention local events and news items so you can help change things up.

Tagging allows your job and status updates to appear on other Facebook community, business and personal pages, leading to new individuals discovering your brand, clicking through on your posts, and potentially “liking” your page and engaging with your content. The increase in the reach this feature allows is tremendous.

Using this feature wisely will allow more potential customers and candidates to discover your company. By using this tactic consistently over time, you can increase your Facebook audience and your customer base.

There are a few notes of caution on all of this.

1. A page can disallow tagging functionality. By default, it is turned on and in fact, it seems most companies don't even know about it. However, at anytime they can turn this feature off.

2. Don't abuse the feature. If you blast out all of your jobs in this way there is a good chance the page will block you. Especially if they were unaware of the feature until they saw your post. So, save this for really important jobs you want to highlight. Remember, these pages are used to promote the city or business by communicating lots of different kinds of information, not just your jobs.

3. Often times cities (especially large ones) have competing pages. Make sure you use them all, or at least the ones with the most traction.


Distributing your healthcare staffing jobs to your website, job boards and social networking sites is an important step in any successful online recruiting campaign. The most important aspect of this strategy is doing it right. If you need assistance with posting your jobs on Facebook or improving your healthcare staffing Facebook marketing campaign, contact Staffing Robot.


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