Integrating Your Healthcare Staffing Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies

Good online marketing campaigns use an integrated approach. Integrating your social media and email marketing strategies is a great place to start.

More and more people are using social media as a means to stay connected and communicate. While we don't think social media will replace email as a primary means of communication in the healthcare staffing industry any time soon, we would suggest that the importance of communicating via social networks is growing. 

This post is the fifth in a series titled: 10 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Staffing Email Marketing Campaigns. The series focuses on tips and strategies for running successful email and e-newsletter campaigns using ePromoter by Staffing Robot.

How can you integrate your healthcare staffing social media strategies into your email marketing campaigns?

1. Include your social icons. Include icons with links to all of your social network sites. Add some kind of call to action by them encouraging engagement in these spaces.

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Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 1.18.46 PM 2. Include their social icons. Include links that will quickly allow your recipients to share your content on their social networking sites. ePromoter comes with built in 'Quick Links' that allow you to easily add several beneficial features into your email marketing campaigns. One of these quick links is call 'Social Media'. By adding this link into your email you will instantly add several popular social networking icons into your message. These icons are linked to the social sites they indicate. When a recipient clicks on one of the icons it takes them to their personal page on this site and automatically creates a post with your content built in. Instant sharing!

3. Add Forward to Friend links. Always be sure to include links that allow your recipeints to quickly forward your content to a friend. That way, if your recipient knows of others that will find the content helpful they can easily forward it on. These 'Forward to a Friend' links create an instant call to actioin encouraging forwarding and give them an easy place to send the forward from.

ePromoter allows you to add a 'Forward to Friend' link with a few simple clicks. This is another feature found in the quick links section of each email. In addition, with ePromoter, Forward to a Friend statistics are part of your campaign data. You can easily see how many people forwarded the email and even who they forwarded it to!

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4. Include the Facebook “like” button. Add the Facebook Like button for your company page into your emails. This is in addition to simply linking your social media icons. The Facebook Like button encourages people to Like your page and engage with your content on Facebook.
5. Create an RSS feed. Create an RSS feed for your email content. This feed can then distribute your email content to your blog, Twitter, Facebook and other sites automatically. It will also create an archive of content for new subscribers to get into.

With ePromoter – your content RSS feed is ready to go! In your campaigns section there is an RSS feed link at the top of the page. This RSS feed has it's own unique URL you can use to distribute your content or to send to people for subscribing to your email marketing content.

Rss6. Start a conversation. Your email doesn't have to just distribute information. Use it to start a campaign, contest or simply a conversation. Conversations started in your email don’t have to stay there. Encourage people to continue the conversation by leading them to your social networking sites for further engagement.

7. Encourage sign up from social media. Use your social media platforms to promote your email marketing campaigns. Create a place for people to view and sign up to receive your email content.



Social media and email marketing make a great pair. It's easy to integrate the two strategies to better engage your audience. Remember, be sure to share informative and relevant content with your audience using these strategies.  Focus on adding value and nurturing relationships, not hard-selling.

ePromoter is a great tool for managing your healthcare staffing company's email marketing campaigns. ePromoter is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to set up. In addition, if you need further assistance or help with planning your email marketing campaigns you can contact Staffing Robot at any time. We're happy to help.


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