What Your Healthcare Staffing Agency Needs to Know about the Facebook Pages Redesign

Screen shot 2011-02-13 at 3.07.41 PM Many of you are following our series on 10 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Your Healthcare Staffing Company. We've received some great feedback from many of you so far. We hope you're all finding the series to be informative.

This week, however, instead of continuing on in the series as planned, we felt it was necessary to add in a new post at this point because of some major changes recently made to Facebook Pages.

Last week, Facebook rolled out a redesign and upgrade to their Pages for businesses and brands. This redesign and upgrade changes many of the features and functionality of the pages. This post highlights some of the most important changes we feel you should know about.

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Changes to Facebook Company Pages:

1. The most important upgrade by far is that, as a Page administrator, you can now login to your Page and perform activities just like a standard user. You can comment on pages, 'Like' things and access/receive notifications about activity on your page. However, you still cannot friend other users or comment on their pages.

2. The Page layout now matches the latest user profile redesign. Page admin users now navigate Facebook using a menu on the left side of the Page beneath the profile picture. The most significant impact this has is that, since tabs are no longer as prominent as they once were this could reduce the frequency with which users visit tabs other than the default landing tab. So, keep this in mind and choose your tabs carefully.

Note: When Pages updates, your default landing tab will also be reset. When this happens it will be necessary to reselect your default landing tab – the tab you want users that have not 'Liked' your page to see first. In addition, the Like button on the page has been moved. Therefore, depending on your Page design – you might need to put up a new one.

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3. Just like the new user profile design, Pages now displays photos above the wall of the latest photos the Page has tagged itself in. Unlike the user page, however, the images appear in a different order every time the page reloads. We can only assume this is by design, to prevent companies from creating a solid banner image out of the Photos.

4. The Page profile picture has been reduced in size from 200px x 600px to 180px x 540px.

5. Admin Page users can now see a 'mutual friends and interests' panel on the page displaying the friends who also Like the Page, and the Likes they have in common with these users. 

6. Page 'Likes' and Page Owners are also now 'Featured' on your page. These links and profile pics are made visible below the navigation menu. Up to 5 links are shown at any given time and you can select which ones are displayed and rotated on your page by marking them as 'Featured' in the new admit Edit interface.

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7. Wall filter post options have also changed. Page admins can select between displaying posts from “Everyone” or Page posts only. The Everyone option shows user posts Facebook thinks are the most relevant, not posts in reverse chronological order. To still see posts in this order, Admins can click the “Admin View” link in the navigation menu, which is useful for moderation.


Since much of the redesign is consistent with the recent user redesign, these changes shouldn't be too difficult to get used to. Further, the consistency will hopefully improve all around user experience for Page admins and standard users.

Page admins started seeing a preview and tour of the new Facebook Pages features last week. Right now, admins still have the choice to voluntarily upgrade or wait until March 1st. On this date, all Pages will be automatically switched to the redesign.

If you're looking to develop a Facebook campaign for your healthcare staffing agency let us know. We can help!


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