Managing Your Healthcare Staffing Email Contact Lists with ePromoter

Email_newsletter_marketing Building a quality email contact list and generating new leads plays a significant role in your marketing efforts. How to grow your list well and generate leads that convert for your healthcare staffing company is often a question we're asked. Lead generation is critical to marketing and sales, but it’s also important to remember that recipients need to give their consent before you can send them marketing messages.


It all comes down to having a great contact list.

Great lists are the first step to seeing real results from any email marketing campaign. Far too many companies are still purchasing lists or just emailing all the contacts they have without receiving permission first or tracking the results of their efforts. With the right tools and know how you can develop a quality list of contacts that will respond well to your messages.

This post is the third in a series titled: 10 Ways to Improve Your Heatlhcare Staffing Email Marketing Campaigns. The series focuses on tips and strategies for running successful e-newsletter campaigns using ePromoter by Staffing Robot.

For those of you that don't know, ePromoter is an email marketing and campaign management software application designed specifically for healthcare staffing companies. ePromoter makes it easy to create contact lists, manage subscribers, and even import lists from third-party apps like SalesForce, Google or Highrise.

Here are some tips for building quality contact lists and generating leads for your healthcare staffing company.

Organic Growth:

1. Add a newsletter sign up form to your website. Adding a newsletter sign-up form to your website makes it easy for people to enter their email address and subscribe to your e newsletters. This also makes it certain that these people want to hear from you. Adding an email sign up form is easy. With ePromoter, you get a simple code scrap to enter in the location of your choosing. When people sign up for your emails they will automatically be added to your contact list in ePromoter.  

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2. Landing Pages.
Add an opt-in checkbox that allows people to sign up for your email newsletters (“Sign me up for your newsletter”) to landing pages and other forms on your website to drive your list growth. This makes subscribing to your list even easier for some users.

3. Give something. Get Something. Promote articles, white papers, webinars and other events online. Have people sign up for these things with their email address and inform them that doing so automatically subscribes them to your email list.  

Outbound Marketing:

1. Referral Programs, Contests, Polls and Surveys. All of these can be great ways to build a list, capture attention and drive awareness with your target audience. Add a “Yes, I’d like to receive emails from Company X” checkbox to your next entry form, survey or poll.

2. Forward To A Friend. Having recipients forward your email to a friend or colleague is a great way to broaden your potential audience. Always include a “Forward To A Friend” link in your email to encourage your readers to share your email. Also, make it easy for those it’s shared with to sign up to receive your emails directly by including opt-in sign up links in every email. With two clicks, ePromoter allows you to add this "Forward to a Friend" functionality into any of your emails.

3. Social links. Similar to the benefits of the "Forward to a Friend" functionality, social media sharing can also get you new readers. Be sure to include social media sharing links in your email to encourage sharing of your information in an effort to gain new followers. Adding social media sharing icons is also a two click process within ePromoter.

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All of these activities allow you to generate leads and grow quality contact lists. Now that you've built your list, it's critical to maintain and monitor it so you ensure it stays at a high level of quality. Here are some tips for maintaining quality contact lists for your healthcare staffing company.

1. Create a quality list. The ideal audience has requested to be on your list. They have given you consent to email them. The list you send to should be properly targeted and contain accurate and current contact information. Generally speaking, this list will be an audience you’ve grown over time.

2. Never, ever purchase an email list. No matter who tells you what or what assurances or promisers you're given – purchasing a list is a sure way to get your domain blacklisted. There's no shortcut here. Quality lists take time to build. Purchasing lists will only get you into trouble.

3. Only send emails to contacts that are less than 1 year old. If it has been longer than one year since you've emailed a contact on your list, make sure you get updated contact information before you send them your next email.

4. Opt in. Make sure you’re using a confirmed, opt-in or notified opt-in process to build your list. Be sure to also communicate in a proactive way to your growing list of contacts with relevant, timely information in order to make your email marketing programs successful.

5. Maintain good list hygiene. Recipient issues such as complaints, unsubscribes, and hard bounces should update your list immediately to ensure that it remains clean. ePromoter does this for you automatically. Emails that soft bounce repeatedly should be removed from the list, as should people who have not registered a click or open for the last few mailings. At the very least, you should send an email to those who haven’t opened your emails or clicked links recently asking them to confirm that they wish to remain on your list.


Following these types of list-growing and maintenance activities will ensure your list is a quality one and stays valuable over time. With these tips you will be able connect with a larger audience, drive revenue and increases your service offerings at the same time.

If you're already using ePromoter you know the value of these tools and the benefits of running a successful email marketing campaign. If you have any questions on getting started with ePromoter contact us anytime. We can get your healthcare staffing company's email marketing program started right away!

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