The Benefits of Sending HTML Emails for Your Healthcare Staffing Company

Epromoter-email-marketing Good branding is vital to how your emails will be viewed and read by your clients and healthcare professionals. It helps your recipients know your company is legitimate and professional. Sending HTML emails can provide many benefits to your healthcare staffing company.

This post is the fourth in a series titled: 10 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Staffing Email Marketing Campaigns. The series focuses on tips and strategies for running successful email and e-newsletter campaigns using ePromoter by Staffing Robot.

Far too many healthcare staffing companies are still sending plain text emails or not putting enough time into the design and look of their email templates. It's time for a change! Email marketing should facilitate an extension of company's branding. This helps subscribers make the connection between your email and your company. In addition, it will significantly reduce spam complaints.

Most business today choose HTML emails as a way to communicate with their customers. HTML emails are a great way to communicate information and are part of your overall marketing and branding. However, designing HTML emails and their deliverability can be challenging due to poor standards support by numerous email clients. But it doesn't have to be that complicated.

Here are some tips to kept in mind when creating your HTML email newsletters:

Don't rely on images. Using images to communicate your important messages is not a good idea. A majority of email clients still have images turned off by default. This means that unless your recipient takes some action, all they will get from you is a blank page.

Permission reminder. Start you email by reminding readers why they are receiving this email (because they opted-in). This gives them some context for your message and reduces the chances they will mark your messages as spam.

View online option. Provide a link for people to view a web page version of your email. This will make it easier for people who are having trouble viewing your message because of their email client.

Plain text version. It's best to also have a plain text version sent along with your HTML version. This will insure your message reaches people who can't, or choose not to, view HTML emails. Sending both kinds of email versions is simple in ePromoter. You can quickly create a plain text version and then toggle to the HTML side, insert your template and include this same text.

Well-formatted text. One of the great advantages of using HTML emails is the ability to format your text. You have many more options with HTML for making text stand out and be better organized. This makes calls to action easier to find and your content more easily scannable.

Prioritize your content. Your recipients are just like you – they're getting several email messages a day. Therefore, you have to compete for their attention. You need to be succinct in your message. Start with the most valuable information. Don't build up to it. Your readers should know what the email message is about from a quick, initial glance.

Use ALT tags on images. Doing this will insure your images at least display their intent in text should the recipients images be turned off by default. ePromoter provides you with the ability to easily enter Alt text on all of your images as soon as you add them to your email.

Prominent unsubscribe link. From our perspective, this is perhaps the most important item to include in your HTML emails. Every email should contain a way for people to quickly and easily unsubscribe from your email list. To some, this may sound strange. Why make it easy for them? Because if someone wants off your list your message is being lost on them anyway. So make getting off your list easy for them. If not, they will be more likely to simply mark you as spam, which is very easy to do in most email clients. Marking you as spam is very detrimental to your email marketing campaigns and your domain as a whole. Therefore, place your unsubscribe link up at the top of your email and display it prominently. Don't hide this feature in your footer or in small text on the side.

Physical address. Always include your physical address in the footer. This lets the recipient know you're a real company with a real location. More importantly though, it keeps you in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act.


HTML emails are a great way to communicate your brand to your audience and share your message in an easy to read format. If you're still only sending plain text emails lets step it up a bit! Your response rate and connection with your audience will improve dramatically.

If you don't know how to create an HTML email you still have several options. ePromoter allows you to quickly and easily send HTML emails. You can choose from a large selection of customizable email templates or Staffing Robot can create a custom template for you to specifically match your company brand.

ePromoter email templates make it easy to create professional looking email newsletters. You'll save time by using these email templates to create emails about social media promotions, member newsletters, available jobs, or upcoming events. Each template offers complete flexibility — just add your logo, colors, articles, links, jobs, promotions, and more.

If you have questions about creating HTML emails, need a custom email template design for your healthcare staffing company or want more information about ePromoter get in touch with us!

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