Strategies for Getting More Fans on Facebook for Your Healthcare Staffing Company

Facebook-like Did you read last week's post about Facebook tips and strategies for healthcare staffing companies? If so, then hopefully by now you have a fantastic new Facebook page all set up and ready to go for your staffing company. Now it's time to start driving traffic and growing your fan base!

If your healthcare staffing company is using Facebook as a part of its inbound marketing strategy, then most likely your first goal is to build a community by getting people to 'Like' your company page. While there is no one single answer to immediate success, there are some best practices you can employ to grow a quality fan base.

This post is the second in a series titled: 10 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Your Healthcare Staffing Company. In this post we will provide you with some best practice tips and strategies for attracting and getting people to “Like” your company Facebook page.

10 Facebook fan acquisition strategies for your heatlhcare staffing company:

1. Start with your existing audience. Don't overlook this step! Start by simply notifying your existing customers about your new Facebook Page. These days, you can create almost as much buzz about a Facebook Page as you can a new website. Inform the people who already support your business about your new Page and ask them to “Like” you on Facebook.

To let your hospital clients and healthcare providers know about your new social media presence:

  • Promote your new Facebook Page on your existing website with social icons. Put these icons in a place where visitors can see them on every page such as your header or footer. Also consider putting them on the Thank You page after someone completes a contact form request. They've already submitted information to you so there is a good chance they're willing to engage further with your brand. Make it easy for them by putting links to your social pages here.
  • Send out a Press Release about the event.
  • Write a blog post and tell your followers about your new Facebook page.
  • Send out an email announcement announcing your new page. Use an email marketing tool like ePromoter to easily add your social media icons and track the success of the campaign.
  • Upload contact lists into your Facebook Page admin account and send a mass invite through Facebook. How do you do this?

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Company Page and click "Edit Page"

Step 2: Click on "Marketing" and then select the "Tell your Fans" option.

Step 3: Upload your email list and start inviting fans!

2. Consistently deliver quality content! Yes, we've said that already in the previous post. However, if there is one theme we will consistently repeat throughout this series it's this one. Figure out what your followers are interested in and what content they find valuable. Once you know, make delivering this content to them on your Facebook page easy. Integrating blog posts, email newsletters, and other content sources to your Facebook page is easy so start here. 

3. Run a Contest. Running a contest on Facebook requires more work but it is a much stronger marketing strategy. With a strategic programming and marketing effort, you can require people to 'Like' your page or to post a message on their wall about your company that will automatically add them to your database of contest entrants. This will greatly increase your 'Likes' and get some good buzz about your company going.

Contests can be fairly involved or as simple as some form of incentivized word of mouth contest. Start by simply offering something of value every week in order to increase engagement, brand buzz and fan growth. If you're at a loss for what to offer, look for partners that have things to give away.

Staffing Robot can help you create and run contests of this type on Facebook and even code the pages and functionality you need. Contact us to create a Facebook game or contest for your healthcare staffing company.

4. Create 'Like' or 'Reveal Tabs'. A 'Reveal Tab' is a tab that can display information, discounts, contests, games or applications like any other tab. However, it's only 'revealed' once a visitor 'Likes' your page. You want to create a simple and direct landing page on Facebook that makes it very clear what you want people to do and provides them with an incentive for doing this. Once people have access to your reveal page they will be more engaged with your company's efforts. Once again, Staffing Robot can help you create Reveal Tabs with exclusive content. Contact us to create a Facebook strategy for your healthcare staffing company.

5. Facebook Ads. Facebook pay per click advertising can produce great results for you in terms of promoting your brand and gaining new followers. When running Facebook ads, ask people to “Like” your Page in the ad instead of sending them to your company website or asking for other engagement. By combining good Facebook Ads with some of the strategies above, you’ll be getting the most fans for your money.

Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 1.39.42 PM 6. Use applications to help spread awareness of your brand. A great, simple app is the Poll for Facebook Application. This app allows you to create questions for your followers to answer and gives you great data to analyze. Or, even better – create your own app! I'm sure many of you have great ideas as to an application or game your audience would be in to. Apps greatly increase engagement for your audience. If you need help building a Facebook app for your healthcare staffing company lets talk!



7. Use photos. Many people don't know this but Facebook is the world's largest photo sharing site on the web. People on Facebook love photos! Use them for anything you can think of. Upload pictures of your staff, your day to day activities or your office and company events. Be sure to include links to your company Facebook page or website in the description box of the photo.

8. Leverage other social media sites. The great thing about all social media sites is that – they're social! For the most part, they work well with supporting other social websites. Encourage your Twitter followers and LinkedIn contacts to also “Like” you on Facebook. If you're like most people, you have different contacts in different places.  So, be sure to leverage all of your online marketing efforts by cross marketing to these contacts.

9. Don't forget about your personal Facebook page. Most people don't like mixing their work and personal online profiles. However, doing so can greatly increase your brand exposure. It's easy to promote your company page on your personal page. You can simply post or share content from your company page on your personal page. You can even suggest to your personal followers that they 'Like' your company page. You never know if someone in your personal network might be connected to a hospital or provider contact that can benefit from your services.

10. Participate on other Facebook pages.  Search and find other pages on Facebook that are relevant to healthcare staffing. Once you discover these pages, actively engage in conversations and content sharing. Your goal is to of course provide exposure to your company brand by doing this. However, be sure that you provide value to these other pages or you'll just look like a spammer. By providing value, you create an incentive for people to engage with your brand.


Hopefully you'll find these tips for getting more Likes on Facebook for your healthcare staffing company to be useful. Try them out and get creative. The more you engage with social media and spend time developing good content, the better you will get and the more engaged your fans will become. Please feel free to share any tips you learn along the way!

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