New Email Marketing Strategies for Your Healthcare Staffing Company

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Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 1.14.00 PM It's important to constantly test new strategies in order to remain successful with your email marketing campaigns. Social media, mobile technology and other forms of communication are having a dramatic effect on how you reach your customers and healthcare providers. While you need powerful and flexible administrative tools, your clients just need good information communicated to them in a manner that is simple and easy to access. Having a plan of action and using an email marketing campaign tool like ePromoter is a great first step to success!

This post is part of a series titled: 10 Ways to Improve Your Heatlhcare Staffing Email Marketing Campaigns.

Once you've selected the right tool for your company and the best email newsletter design for your brand it's time to make sure your emails get delivered and opened! Having a quality list of subscribers is a good start, but only guarantees that your email will be sent – not read.

Here are some new tips your healthcare staffing company can use to run successful email marketing campaigns this year:

1. Address recipient issues right away. If an individual thinks your email is spam (or doesn’t recognize you) they will flag your email as spam, which registers a complaint against your domain. Be sure your email is being sent from an address your recipients will recognize and contains a subject line that is relevant and makes sense to them.

2. Get added to contact lists. Encourage your recipients to add your email address to their email contacts. Doing so will ensure you won't be marked as spam or sent to a junk folder. In addition, now with email clients like GMail putting an emphasis on certain emails with their 'Priority Inbox' feature, it's good to be sure your readers are doing all they can to mark your email as being legit.

3. Don't forget plain text. Although HTML emails make things look great and better reflect your brand, don't overlook plain text emails. Plain text emails get through to all email clients including GMail and Facebook Messages, which both display the plain text part of a message by default. Good email marketing tools like ePromoter allow you to send both HTML and plain text email blasts with every email campaign you send.

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 1.15.57 PM 4. Consider mobile. Email design is very much being influenced by mobile phones these days. One of the most popular activities performed on a mobile device is reading emails. If your emails aren't formatted properly for mobile they won't display well on these devices. Things to keep in mind are:

  • Email widths need to be narrow. 600 pixels wide is recommended.
  • Font sizes should increase for improved legibility on small screens.
  • Consider decreasing navigation options and increasing the space between links and the size of buttons to allow for touch screen interaction.

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 1.18.46 PM 5. Share. Be sure to give your recipients multiple ways to share your content. Allow them to forward your emails to friends and easily post these message on their social media sites. ePromoter comes with built in buttons that allow you to quickly add 'Forward to a Friend' and 'Social Media Sharing' features to every email campaign.

6. Create great content. No marketing campaign can be a success if the content isn’t well written, compelling, and of value to the recipient. The same is true for your email marketing campaigns. No one knows your audience better than you so share content with them that they’ll want to read and will keep them engaged.

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 1.11.09 PM 7. Fine-tune your content with split testing. The results of each campaign should lead to improvements in your future messages. Constantly optimize the content you send in order to maximize the outcome. Test subject lines, link text, images and body content.

ePromoter has a built in A/B split testing feature that lets you take the guesswork out of campaign message creation. If you're not sure which subject line to use or which content is most effective, conducting an A/B split campaign is your opportunity to test both. Split testing allows you to send different messages to smaller groups of your full contact list. For example, you can have it so one group receives their email with subject line A, and the other, subject line B. You can then determine the most successful messages based on criteria like open rates or click rates.

8. Track your results. Every campaign has success rates you can learn from, particularly if you’re testing several messages. Campaign results allow you to compare success over time and realize trends in both your content and the behavior of your list recipients. This data allows you to better tailor your future content and messages. However, you have to have something to track the data with. ePromoter is a perfect tool to do just that. The data from each of your email campaigns is viewable on easy to understand graphs and can quickly be exported to Excel spreadsheets.

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 1.20.04 PM
Staying on top of new email marketing strategies can be tricky – but it doesn't have to be. We'll continue to provide useful tips on how to better improve the email marketing campaigns of your healthcare staffing companies. And, remember, if you're looking for email marketing software – our product ePromoter is the only email marketing software designed specifically for the healthcare staffing industry. ePromoter makes it easy to create new email campaigns, set up auto-responders, or run an A/B Split Test campaigns.

If you have any questions about email marketing strategies or using ePromoter to manage your company's e newsletter campaigns – give us a call at 971.533.8839 or contact Staffing Robot on the web.

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