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EMAIL_MARKETING Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience. Still, many healthcare staffing companies are not conducting email marketing campaigns or worse – not using software that allows them to track their data. At Staffing Robot, we saw this need in the heatlhcare staffing industry early on so we quickly developed ePromoter. ePromoter is the first email marketing software developed for the healthcare staffing industry.

This is the first post in a series titled: 10 Ways to Improve Your Heatlhcare Staffing Email Marketing Campaigns.

In this post we wanted to give you a general overview of ePromoter and the goals you can achieve by using its features. Throughout the series we'll go more in depth into some of these features and benefits. For now, this post will provide you with a general overview of how using ePromoter for your healthcare staffing email marketing can benefit you.

First – the basics.

Why email marketing?
Everyone gets email. Provided the content is valuable, email is convenient and it’s accountable because you can measure exactly how engaged your customers are. And when it comes to email, nothing does it better than ePromoter. Several healthcare staffing companies already use ePromoter to connect with their clients and providers more cost-effectively and efficiently than anything else on the market.

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Why use ePromoter?

Simple. Email works. It’s active, not passive. Rather than waiting around for visitors to return, you can engage them instantly, building viral loops into your web experience. You can also maintain contact with prospects through e newsletters and updates.

Email marketing keeps you in front of your target audience for a fraction of the cost and time of other approaches and amplifies your other marketing efforts dramatically. You can use ePromoter to educate your audience, distribute job and company information, launch contests, build rapport and most importantly, increase sales.The bottom line: if you’re not already connecting with your audience through email, you’re at risk.

It’s affordable.
ePromoter is the most cost-effective way to deliver your targeted messages and latest information directly to the right people. Unlike costly marketing events, direct mail, and print media, there are virtually no production costs. This also means you can experiment and hone your campaigns and messages.

It’s accountable.
ePromoter offers detailed analysis of which messages are reaching which audience. ePromoter tracks key performance indicators like “opens” (who read your offer), “click-throughs” (who clicked on what links in your email), “forwards” (who forwarded your email to someone else) and so on. And when emails aren’t getting through, ePromoter makes it easy for you to know why.

It’s fast.
Offers, newsletters, promotions and product/service announcements can be created and sent to targeted lists in just a few minutes. There’s no major production time needed. And once the messages are sent, campaign reporting is virtually instantaneous — usually complete within the first 24 hours, so you can see immediate results.

It’s easy.
Perhaps the best part is that ePromoter delivers all these powerful features to you in a very user friendly way. If you can use a word processor, you can craft professional looking email messages. If you know your way around a basic web application, you can build and manage lists, examine reports, and create personalized messages. You can quickly add sign-up forms to websites and blogs you own. You can even divide audiences into segments to try out different messages or focus on specific high-value customers.


A summary of what’s included:

  • Executive dashboard to quickly view usage and campaign results at a glance
  • Delivery of personalized HTML or text-based emails
  • Complete mailing list management
  • Full scheduling, reporting, and tracking of every aspect of email delivery
  • Simple subscription mechanisms for websites and blogs

Top Features and Benefits of ePromoter
ePromoter’s email marketing platform is an easy to use service for interactive communications. It lets you manage contacts and subscribers, create messages that inform and compel, deliver those messages reliably, and get complete insight into the success of your outreach efforts.

For today's marketing efforts you need powerful, flexible (and robust) administrative tools, as well as a beautiful and easy to use tool that you can rely on. ePromoter lets you create new email campaigns, upload contact lists, and track your success with no technical know-how required.


List Management

Great contact lists are the first step to seeing great results for any email campaign. ePromoter makes it easy for you to create contact lists, manage subscribers, and even import lists from third-party apps like Salesforce or Google.

Simple Campaign Management
ePromoter makes it easy to create new email campaigns, set up auto-responders, or run an A/B Split Test campaign. Walk-through wizards take users through every step of the process, from importing a basic template to hitting send. 

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No-Fuss Content Creation
When it's time to write great copy, you don't want to fuss with a complicated interface. ePromoter's 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' (WYSIWYG) editor is as easy to use as a word processor while more advanced users can use HTML to their heart’s content. We even give you some basic templates to choose from or you can have Staffing Robot build custom HTML templates that perfectly reflect your staffing company's brand.
Real-Time Reporting
Tracking campaign performance is what every marketer looks forward to after hitting send on a campaign. ePromoter tracks results and makes them available right away so you don’t have to wait to see what worked, what didn’t, who opened your email and more.


Here are a list of the top 20 features our customers love within ePromoter, and how they’ll help you.

Feature  Details Benefits
Full online editing  WYSIWYG and source HTML editor Easily create and compose new text and HTML mailouts all online
Personalization Embed tags for mailing list information anywhere in the message    Tailor your message to each recipient for maximum marketing effectiveness
Scheduled and recurring mailings Control exactly when campaigns are launched and messages are sent Configure your mailings ahead of time, rather than scheduling your life around your campaigns
Drip and re-marketing campaigns Have timed messages delivered based on recipient types, dates or events Create your email marketing plans on your schedule and let them run without additional effort
Forward-to-a-friend features Recipients can easily send messages to others with appropriate tracking Maximize and measure the virality of your messages
Social media and website integration Integrate company and social media websites into targeted email messages and list sign up forms Maximize and measure the virality of your messages, while easily adding email list sign up forms to your websites
Spam filter scoring See how likely your message is to survive spam filters on prominent email services Know when your content will be blocked so you can correct costly errors before you send
Simple, elegant reporting graphs Clear, concise reports and visualizations    Understand campaign effectiveness and identify problems at a glance
Data tracking Track Opens, Forwards, Clicks, Unsubscribes and Spam counts. Track entire campaigns with Google Analytics. Compare campaigns and understand success and failure rates with built in data analysis and Google Analytics integration
Easy data import/export Move lists of subscribers and campaign data into or out of the system easily Work with your data in our out of the system in the format you choose
Single and double opt-in support Control how recipients confirm their intent to receive content Ensure that you’re complying with anti-spam regulations and that you’re delivering content to people who want it
Search & edit member info Simple management of subscribers to ensure current, accurate campaigns Easily keep track of who’s receiving mails, and find problems or unintended recipients quickly to resolve any issues
Unlimited lists Maintain many sets of campaign recipients Tailor each campaign to exactly the right set of recipients for maximum results
List segmentation Divide campaign or newsletter recipients into multiple groups for testing and precise control Try out different messages and content to continuously optimize your marketing efforts
Unlimited subscribers Recipient lists can be as big as you need  Don’t limit your growth—handle large numbers of subscribers easily.
Customizable "welcome" and "goodbye" emails Send messages to recipients when they join, or unsubscribe, from your campaigns and newsletters Ensure a polite, polished interaction with recipients throughout the mailing list lifecycle
Edit subscriber profiles Create custom information about each recipient so you can build a record of what you know about them Extend your mailing lists not only in size, but in detail, so you can make personal content even more tailored and effective
Automatic duplicate management    Identify and clean up duplicate recipients and data Ensures you’re not annoying subscribers with redundant messages
One-click unsubscribe Recipients can quickly opt to stop receiving messages, campaigns, and newsletter Solid, defensible compliance with anti-spam regulations and less chance that your messages will be flagged as inappropriate
Extensive systems integration One click integration with multiple systems, Google Contacts, Highrise, ZenDesk, Wufoo, FreshBooks, Google Analytics and many more


ePromoter is a fantastic tool to help you with your healthcare staffing company's email marketing campaigns. Contact Staffing Robot if you'd like to learn more about ePromoter and how it can it can benefit you in your online marketing. Or, click here to sign up to use ePromoter today!

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