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Branding If you've been acting on the tips in these posts in this series, by now you're healthcare staffing company has been promoting a lot of successful content on the web. Once you're actively participating online it’s critical that you monitor the activity generated around your brand. This means monitoring the web for content you produce and content produced by others that mentions your brand. In some cases, it can be imperative that you know about or can respond quickly to information being posted about your brand. This post is the last in a series discussing 10 web marketing tips your healthcare staffing agency should do right now.

What does it mean to manage and monitor your brand?

Think about it as simply the process of setting up tools to listen, monitor and track the web for any mentions of your company name or services. These tools allow you to effectively track and monitor this information, alert you of new mentions and give you resources for analyzing the data. Successful companies today are monitoring their brands online. 

Brand-monitor-healthcare-staffingSource: The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth – Fortune 500 Companies – 2009

Why should you monitor your brand?

  • Brand or be branded. If you aren't publishing content on the web it is highly likely that your brand is being defined by your competition and your customers. In most cases, hopefully your clients are speaking well of you. It's doubtful that is the case with your competition. If you don't get out in front of defining your brand, others will.
  • Listen, participate & (if necessary) correct. Monitoring your brand gives you the opportunity to listen to what others are saying about you – good and bad. It lets you identify opportunities for appropriate participation and also when it is necessary to address information that is incorrect.
  • Increased customer support. If you do it right, brand management becomes an extension of your customer service efforts. It helps you identify complaints, praise and questions that are most likely best resolved if you address them directly.
  • Promote & gain new business. Brand management helps you know when things are working. When people are speaking highly of you on the web you're effectively getting free testimonials. Use them for all the value they're worth.
  • Identify industry trends. Keeping up on the latest information in the healthcare staffing industry can be as simple as monitoring the activity happening online. Understanding current trends is a great resource for understanding when to promote relevant and timely content.

Here are some helpful tips for getting started with managing and tracking your brand.

  • Experiment with tools and find the right ones that work for you
  • Train your staff on what to look for and how to filter and address the information they find on the web
  • Focus on meaningful metrics to track and measure
    • Conversions
    • Sales
    • Sign ups
    • New hires
    • Blog comments
    • Polls completed
    • Facebook posts
    • Retweets/Mentions
    • Views on YouTube
  • Evaluate in real time. Use tools like Tweetdeck and Google Alters to get notified right away of relevant events.
  • Test content through multiple mediums
    • Landing pages
    • Social media pages
    • Email marketing campaigns

Here are some tools that will help even more with the effort of brand management.

What's next?

Still have questions on how to get started and what to track when it comes to managing your healthcare staffing company brand? Staffing Robot uses both market leading and proprietary tools for monitoring and reporting on all mentions of company brands. Let us know if you have any questions or would like further information on brand management strategies for your healthcare staffing company.


This series on 10 web marketing tips your healthcare staffing agency should do right now has lasted several months and been one of the most successful series we've run on our blog. We've received numerous comments and great feedback along the way. We're thankful for everyone that let us know about the benefits you've received from these posts. We hope to have added value to the online marketing efforts of all of your healthcare staffing companies. 

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