Creating Valuable Content for Your Healthcare Staffing Company


"Content is king."

Getting people to your website, blog or Facebook page can be quite a challenge. The first time people arrive on your site is absolutely the most critical. Visitors won't come back just to come back. You have to give them a reason. Consistently drawing people to your site is the only way to truly maximize your conversion rate.

As with so many other aspects of web marketing, it’s not all about having a flashy, creative, well-designed website. Finding success on the web for your healthcare staffing company largely depends on providing interesting, valuable content that engages people and provides them with valuable information. This post is part of a series discussing 10 web marketing tips your healthcare staffing agency should do right now.

Creating good content is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. With the changes in web marketing and the rise of social medial marketing, content has become key to delivering successful marketing campaigns for healthcare staffing agencies.

Creating good content can be a challenge. It takes time and little skill to create relevant and interesting content on a consistent basis. As marketers get overwhelmed with their day to day tasks, taking time to come up with meaningful content can be impossible. Moreover, as marketers realize that content is king without taking the time to properly create useful information, the content produced just becomes noise and fails to deliver.

Here are some tips to delivering successful content on the web:

  1. Locating content sources. First, you have to know where to find good content. It's best to assign this task to a person who understands your business and the industry extremely well. Healthcare staffing blogs, websites and industry conference sessions are a great place to locate content. Another important and often overlooked source is your own staff. Don't forget to ask the people you work with every day about where they get their industry information.
  2. Curation Curation. Curation is about collecting information, distilling down the most relevant and useful components of this information and displaying it in one location that is easy for your audience to access, consume and share. Industry knowledge enables content marketers to become reliable filters for the best content and information. The more content you discard, the more relevant the final curated content is.
  3. Add value. It's not enough to simply curate content from your sources. It's important that you add your personal commentary and expertise in order to add valuable insights to your audience. It's this insight that will make your content even more interesting and relevant to your readers.
  4. Timing. It’s not just about posting the right content in the right place. You also need to post it at the right time. Timing your content with relevant events, industry trends or seasonal occurrences tremendously adds to the value of your content.
  5. Keywords. Remember your keywords. Don't just write a bunch of text you think sounds good. be sure it contains keywords that will help drive traffic to your site. Finding the right keywords is all about conducting good research and understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  6. Ask your customers. People love giving their opinions. Most often, you don't even have to ask!  Customer feedback is a great source of great content (both negative and positive). Look at the issues or questions your customers are raising. Let them tell you what they would like to know more about.
  7. Keep it simple. Nobody is going to spend very much time trying to uncover the message you’re trying to communicate. Choose your words carefully and leave out unnecessary details.
  8. Be direct. It's important to remember that readers on the web skim. It's true. All those words on your About Us page – wasted. Don’t make your readers search to find the main idea. Get to the point. Then stop.

Creating good content is more of an art than a science. The more you practice the better you'll get. Good content can be used to create better blog posts, deliver interesting social media campaigns, and distribute valuable email newsletters.

What's next?
Taking the time to create good content can be tough. Many healthcare staffing companies have the expertise but not the time to dedicate to creating consistently good content. Staffing Robot can help you develop and deliver a strong marketing message that will reach your audience and produce the results you're looking for. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help your staffing agency create valuable campaign content, contact us today and we'll get you started.

Next post – Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Your Healthcare Staffing Company

Email marketing can be the most effective way to reach a new customers and distribute valuable information to your existing audience. In the next post we'll discuss tips for running effective email marketing campaigns that produce real results for your healthcare staffing agency.

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