Nursing Shortage Info Graphic

Another great info graphic.

Recently I posted on the info graphic on salary data related to Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA's). In that post I stated that I've seen very few info graphics detailing data related to healthcare staffing. Glad to see that I was wrong on this, as I think info graphics are an excellent way to quickly and easily communicate helpful information.

Even though the economy has seemingly slowed the nursing shortage, most data suggests it hasn't fully gone away and in fact will only get worse over the next several years. This nursing shortage info graphic from Veterinary Technician is very interesting.

Solving the Nursing Shortage Crisis

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5 thoughts on “Nursing Shortage Info Graphic

  1. All of the statistics point to a shortage but I don’t hear hospitals complaining about a lack of nurses and I don’t hear patients complaining about a lack of nursing care. Salaries for RN’s haven’t changed in 5 to 10 years. At what point does the shortage start to manifest itself as complaints from patients or from nurses about the current conditions?

  2. Great questions. I wonder the same things myself. There is a lot of conflicting information about the nursing shortage. There’s data like you find in this info graphic, but then also several reports suggesting the shortage has waned because of the economy.
    It certainly is any interesting conversation.

  3. From a macro perspective (which this infographic focuses on), there is a huge projected shortage of qualified nurses.
    However, because of the recession, lower budgets, reduced government subsidies, lower donations etc, many hospitals have had to layoff staff. This is why many nurses who are fresh out of school cannot find jobs—they are competing with experienced nurses for jobs.
    Qualified and specialized nurses with 10+ years of experience, however, will have no problem finding a job regardless of the recession.

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