What is the Hospital Job Growth Outlook for 2010?

This article in Healthleaders Media talks about some encouraging signs that could point to increased job growth at hospitals in 2010. Interestingly, it also illustrates how dismal of a year 2009 was.

Bureau of Labor Statistics preliminary data show the healthcare sector created
267,000 new jobs in 2009. This is a significant drop from 2008 when
healthcare created 363,600 new jobs.

One thing we've learned is that healthcare was not completely
recession-proof over the last year and a half as we've seen a number of
large-scale layoffs across the board," says David Cherner, managing
partner of Health Workforce Solutions, LLC, a San Francisco-based
research firm. But, certainly, it is much stronger than any other
segment of the economy.

Here's to hoping the healthcare segment stays strong and proves to be a good year for jobs.

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