The Fun Theory

I came across a site called The Fun Theory. It’s an initiative of Volkswagen, dedicated to the thought that making things simple and fun is the best way to change people’s behavior for the better. No matter what it is – yourself, your company, the environment, etc., the only thing that matters is change for the better. Essentially, it’s a contest to have people create things that accomplish the goal of the initiative. 

It’s an interesting concept. How often in your workday or when you’re creating something are you thinking about keeping things simple and fun? When you’re creating a form, designing a web page, making a new feature, presenting to a new client – are you just going through the standard motions? Or are you thinking about how to get people more engaged – how to grab their attention – to connect with them – to have fun? What  would be different if you did?

Something to think about.

This is my favorite one:

cforms contact form by delicious:days

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