Oklahoma’s Innovative Approach to Reducing the Nursing Shortage

State-flag-oklahomaHere is a great article from the Journal Record on how Oklahoma City is attempting to get more people into the field of healthcare by implementing flexible and innovative schooling options.

The article reads: “Oklahoma not only needs more nurses – it needs more nurses teaching people how to be nurses. To increase its numbers in both
areas, universities, hospitals and organizations are putting several
programs into place. Oklahoma City University’s Kramer School of
Nursing has begun a part-time bachelor’s of nursing degree program,
catering to people who work or stay home full time. And the Oklahoma
Nurses Association is meeting this week to discuss the educational
advancement of nurses and how to increase the number of nursing faculty

The article talks about the importance of creating flexible schooling programs that cater better to people’s modern lives. These days many people put off going to school because part time options are not available. Schools that create such an option give people a chance to start or further their career as a healthcare professional.

Because of the demands of the job, the
average age of retirement for a nurse is 52. As more healthcare professionals delay retirement or re-enter the workforce, programs such as this, offering advanced degrees, will enable nurses to sustain their careers by pursuing new directions.

You can read the full article on Oklahoma’s innovative nursing school program here.

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