More on Innovative Programs Trying to Reverse Nursing Shortage Trend

Healthcare Finance News has a great article on more innovative programs trying to end the nursing shortage.

The article provides some updated data on nursing shortage trends:

  • The nursing shortage is expected to hit 1 million by 2020.
  • In 2008, 41,000 students were turned away from nursing schools.
  • The average age of nursing staff currently working is 57.
  • On a national average, only 30% of a nurses shift is spent with patients.

Many the innovations are about creating more scholarships, incorporating more technology into the classroom and changing the focus of much of the nursing education.

A big part of these initiatives is also focused on retention of healthcare professionals, not just recruitment. The best part of the article is when they highlight that people are trying to educate people on the issue and it’s impact on all of us.

“At Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we’re trying to present nursing
as a societal issue,” Hassmiller said. “Nursing is an economic issue
for communities.”

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