The Healthcare Staffing Search Engine

Today I’m launching a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) for the
healthcare staffing industry titled “Healthcare Staffing Search.” I have
complied a list of over 1000 healthcare staffing companies in the U.S. (as well
as a few other relevant sites) and included them in this engine. I will continue to add sites to the search
engine as I become aware of them.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google CSE, it’s a service that allows you
to build your own customized search engine of specific websites relevant to
a particular topic. Setting a search engine up is easy and takes only a few minutes. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with too many or irrelevant
search results when searching on topics in the healthcare staffing industry,
this search engine will remedy that. If you use the Healthcare Staffing Search engine I’ve created
your results will come only from the web sites relevant to the staffing industry.

For example, if you perform a regular Google search for “Nurse Pay
Rates” you will return thousands of results, many of which are irrelevant.
However, with the Healthcare Staffing Search engine your return results will display information on
Nurse Pay Rates from industry websites only.

Going forward, this search engine will be located on it’s own page on
my site: Healthcare Staffing Search. You can also access it in the top
navigation above on this page. Please bookmark it if you find the tool helpful. I have also embedded the search engine
here for you to try out.



I hope this tool is helpful. I will be releasing a couple other custom search engines next week so stay tuned.

If you think your website is not in the list or you just want to verify, please feel free to email me
and I’ll add it.

I created this search engine after being inspired by Ed Bennett’s
Custom Search Engine for hospitals in the U.S. Check it out.

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