Refuse to lose

Chuck_d Over the last few months I’ve talked to several companies in and out of the healthcare staffing industry all dealing with the same thing.  The down economy.  I’ve talked to business owners and employees that are all struggling with the same issues: budget cuts, layoffs, salary reductions, down revenue, loss of clients, etc.  I’ve been hearing it so often it’s become standard conversation.  I’ve found that it’s created a very negative mindset in most of the people around me, including myself.

Until this week.  On Tuesday I spent some time with a friend who just started a new company called NedSpace.  NedSpace is a Portland, Oregon based co-working environment for startups, innovative technology companies, non-profits, artists and social entrepreneurs.  While I was there I talked to several people who are entrepreneurs trying to get their new company off the ground.  These people all had great ideas and vision.  I listened to their stories about the problems they’ve overcome or that they’re currently working through.  Some of them told me they found this time to be perfect for starting a business.  Some of them told me how they found themselves here due to being laid off from their jobs. 

The biggest thing I noticed about these people was how positive they all were.  Here’s a group of individuals without any security, without pay checks, without revenues, without any assurance of success, all taking major risks because they believe in their idea and what they are working on.  Being an entrepreneur myself I found spending the afternoon in this environment surrounded by these people to be recharging. 

All of this has reminded me that it’s the hard times that show you who you are.  That confront you with challenges to meet.  That present you with obstacles to overcome.  It’s the hard times that make it all meaningful and make every minute and all of your efforts really count.

To me, it was all very encouraging and made me want to encourage others out there that are struggling and have lost focus.  Keep your head up.  Stay motivated.  Recharge your vision.  Get creative.  Don’t slip into a negative mindset.  Embrace the challenges out there right now.   Perform.  Don’t give up.  And most importantly – like Chuck D. said – refuse to lose. 

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2 thoughts on “Refuse to lose

  1. Thank you for the reminder! There is much to be positive about we just need to dig a bit deeper to find it.

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